Pimp my ride... Westchester edition


Check out my wheels for the day. I went to get our car serviced, and they were out of loaner BMWs so they called Enterprise to rent a car for me. When the lady led Crosby and I out to this hot little number, I couldn't believe it. SWEEEEEET!

I'm desperately hoping that they don't call me to come get my car before tomorrow. Trav and Scout are going to a daddy/daughter Valentine's dance tonight and really, can you imagine a better ride for such an event?


Michemily said...

Holy cow that thing is huge. Must be a gas guzzler.

Amy said...

Cool car! I hope you kept it for the dance. You could soup it up with big Valentines all over it.

Brooke Reynolds said...

I would fall over laughing if I saw Travis pull up in that thing. I hope he was wearing a red tuxedo to match.