Ten things you may not know about Gordon Lewis

  1. The "T" in T. Gordon Lewis stands for Theras not "the".
  2. He didn't have an indoor bathroom until he was in 7th grade
  3. He plays the guitar, piano and has a lovely singing voice
  4. He gardens in long sleeved button up dress shirts, jeans, and church shoes
  5. He finished his PhD course work at Stanford University after graduating from BYU as the top engineering student in his class. Mom was scared to death when they first arrived. "Kathleen, this is a whole new ball game and I am up against much tougher competition". Needless to say after the first couple of A+ grades, she stopped worrying.
  6. He prepares the tax return for his daughter who is a CPA with a Master's in Tax.
  7. His favorite dessert is gooseberry pie
  8. Once on a business trip while waiting for his flight home, he accidentally mailed is return ticket thinking it was his weekly handwritten letter to his mother.
  9. Among other things, he does the vacuuming, dusting, cleans the bathroom, and many times grocery shops [no, Kathleen isn't just sitting around eating bon bons]
  10. He is a very dedicated, calculated, educated, and self-deprecated golfer.

This man is my hero and the wisest advisor I know.

I love you DAD.


sara said...

I wish the T did stand for "The". How awesome would it be if your name was "The Gordon Lewis".

Great post Yah Yah. He truly is the best dad in all the land. He is wise, kind, honest, patient, savvy, and adorable. I love you DAD!!!

carrie said...

I've been alive nearly 30 years and never have seen dad sit at a piano. Are you sure?

Loved the post. Love you Dad!!!!

carrie said...

I have to add one to the list - the city of Westminster had a day named after him.

em said...

I wanted to agree. I love your dad. I love it when I lived with Sara and she'd be all emotionally wrought and confused and then she'd come back from Colorado and always seem really sure and grounded - after a chat with her dad.

I have never met anyone who loves his family as much.

Happy Birthday Uncle Gordon!

Amanda P said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Gordon! I loved reading the 10 things list. Also, I am just shocked and scandalized at the travesty of Uncle Gordon preparing Yah Yah's tax return!