The dangers of a semi-mobile baby

If you had told me I would still be at Avaya when Brig turned 7 months old I would have laughed in your face. And yet, here we are.

So far, so good.

Sure Avaya has frozen salaries, and bonuses, and 401K contributions due to the economy...but I'll take what I can get.

About once every two weeks I have a really stressful day. Otherwise, things are very manageable. My angelic mother comes down almost once a week to hang with Brig during my long conference calls, and I'm typically able to get the rest of my work done while he naps.

However, Several times a week I have a shorter conference call when Brig isn't sleeping, and I'm on my own. Brig is pretty chill and can "play by himself" for a good 45 minutes to an hour. So usually I lay him on his back, turn on baby Einstein, surround him with toys, put the baby monitor by him, and head downstairs for my call.

This works 95% of the time - especially since he doesn't crawl, sit up, prefers not to roll, etc. He is typically in the same position I left him, or at most, has pivoted 90 degrees.

Leave it to Brig to learn a new trick while un-supervised.

On Tuesday I had been on a conference call for 45 minutes. I listened to the baby monitor - Brig wasn't crying, but I thought I would go check on him anyway. He had gotten himself into quite the predicament.

One of his toys was a good 6 feet from where I had left it. He must have been trying to grab it and kept pushing it away (inching towards it), pushing it away (inching towards it), pushing it away (inching towards it), until it was 6 feet away under the entertainment center. He then somehow rolled from his back to his stomach (FOR THE FIRST TIME) in an attempt to get at his toy. And, proceeded to get his feet stuck under the entertainment center, so he couldn't roll off his tummy to his back. Note: he hates being on his stomach.

When I came into the room he wasn't crying, just pushing with all his might to try to get on his back. Of course the entertainment center was preventing this from happening. Poor little peanut. He was thrilled to see me when I walked through the doorway.

I guess I need to come up with a plan B. Baby Brig can no longer be left un-supervised. Thus - I've entered a new, and I suspect, never ending era of my life.


Ashley said...

What a tricky little guy. I wish I could come and watch him everytime you have a call. I can't believe he was not crying when he was trying to get unstuck, or and is he really 7 months? TIme goes by too fast!

sara said...

Ah, Brig. So clever and scrappy! I think this shows early physical prowess, don't you?

You are so incredibly lucky (I know you know this, but I still have to say it) to have Nana live so close to you. In a world where many grandparents are highly disinterested in babysitting, Nana shines. I wish she lived down the street from us! And Grampa too, of course.

Janice said...

Oh, he is so cute!

Christina said...

What a sweet baby you have! I can't believe he wasn't crying at all... I can't wait to hear your creative tactics now that he is semi-mobile.

Anonymous said...

So cute. I can't believe how big he's getting.
Baby saucers are a gift from heaven when you need to get stuff done and don't want to worry about where the baby has rolled to. I used to put my boys in mine while I was on the tredmill.

Natalee said...

Oh,ho, ha. A new world has just opened up to baby Brigster.