Saturday Night McFever

Each Saturday I have a date with Tanner, Christian, Mason, and Sydney. This week we were slated to go.....

Bowling, Bowling, BOWLING but alas, itwas not meant to be. Both Tanner and Christian had friends over when I arrived so 5 boys in full basketball shoes, shirts, and shorts and Sydney in her juicy sweatsuit, collared shirt, purple bow and tennis shoes with svaroskis loaded into the Odyssey [have I mentioned how much I love this vehicle.]

First stop, Splitz which is the premier alley. They have video games, they give you socks and you can order pizza, nachos, and probably sushi. The guy at the register informed me it was a 1.5 hour wait. Next stop, some other ghetto place by Target, but, it was league/satin jacket night and a 3 hour wait. Last stop and my Ace in the hole, Flatirons crossing mall.

Everyone got food from their preferred place and we all sat down at a huge table to eat in the middle of the very crowded Food Court. Ethan, T's friend, pulled a jalapeƱo pepper from his sandwich and Christian popped it into his mouth faster than you can say Barak Obama. Literally 1 minute later C stands up and looks at me wide-eyed and says “I think I’m going to throw up”. PANIC. Tanner said “run to the bathroom” but C had the “I’m going to do it now” look on his face. So I glibly grabbed the McDonalds bag that the McNuggets came in and held it under his mouth. C preceded to throw up, the bag got heavier and heavier and all the while I was ghost patting myself on the back for having so quickly diverted a most certain and smelly disaster.

Suddenly I noticed how heavy the bag was getting and then THE BAG MCBROKE and you guessed it, puke spewed everywhere. I took Christian and got him cleaned up and came back to see a poor little Latino worker staring at the mess radioing for backup. Our group had conveniently moved to another table.

And you guessed it, C was fine, went and ran around the dinosaurs and slammed a huge Wonka candy bar.


sara said...

It's good to know he hasn't lost the magic ability to puke and then eat a ton more food immediately after.

I'm also happy that I'm not the only one to post about puke. Why is it so funny? (after the fact...)

Tania said...

Man, your family are really having some impressive puke experiences lately!

carrie said...


you are one brave and generous lady to take 6 kids to a mall for entertainment.

they are so lucky to have you. I can't wait until Brig is old enough for yah yah dates!

Mom said...

When Yah Yah called me from the mall to recap the latest adventure, I cracked up. Too much!

I still remember Christmas Eve when Yah Yah and I slept over at Rand's house and Tanner threw up all over his bed and himself in middle of the night. Yah Yah and I cleaned him and changed the sheets while Rand and Leslie slept through it all. I do believe it was the last time Yah Yah slept over there on Christmas Eve. I of couse not wanting to miss anything, continue to sleep over there Christmas Eve.

BTW I HATE the word puke.