World Series Baybee!

Wahoooooooooooooooooo! The Rocks are going to the World Series! We have won 21 of the last 22 games. Need I say more?

As you know yesterday didn't start out great for me, but I decided to shake off my ailments and go to the game anyway. After all when you already feel like crap - why not get a little sicker?

My boss called yesterday afternoon with a last minute work request - so I was running late for the game. I jumped into the shower 20 minutes before the departure time and called out to Dave, "Pick out some warm clothes for me to wear tonight!"

When I got out of the shower this was laid out on the bed:

I love my mother's retro, purple, silk jumpsuit as much as the next guy - and there is no disputing its coordination with Rockies colors. But I just couldn't do it. Normally when I take a costume public I've got a side kick looking equally ridiculous. When Dave wouldn't even let me write "Go Rockies" on his face in eye-liner, I got a sneaking suspicion he was trying to play me the fool. Maybe I'll slip this one on for the World Series...

Before the game we ate dinner at Wahoos. Below is a picture of the group: Dave, 2 nephews (T & J), 2 brother-in-laws (Chris & Jim), my brother Rand, and my father-in-law Paul.

Still feeling chilled from the coldest 4 hours of my life (the ½ marathon) I was really worried about the 30-40 degree weather. So I opted to wear the following to the game: snowboarding socks, running tights, jeans, 2 long sleeved thermal shirts, 1 short sleeved shirt, 1 hoodie, 1 fleece, 1 snowboarding coat, 1 snow cap, 1 pair of gloves. You will be happy to know I was NOT cold during the course of the game. (I think a few drops of sweat actually slid down my face.)

The Rockies started out down by 1, but then in a stunning 4th inning scored 6 runs including a 3 run homer!

Besides the 4th inning, my favorite moment of the game was when a large fan jumped over the wall and tried to run across the field. The poor chap didn't get too far. They grabbed him right away, but it still took 16 cops/event staff and 30 solid seconds to get him down to the ground.

The Rockies fans counted down and celebrated every last out until the World Series was secured. After the game the Rocks were presented with the NLCS trophy, and the whole city was in a unified state of celebration. Major intersections were shut down as people jumped in the center of them, brooms in hand, yelling "SWEEP, SWEEP, SWEEP."
It was another great night at the ball park.


Mom Lewis said...


Very exciting and I am not usually a baseball fan. Maybe part of it is the new huge High Definition TV Rand bought for your Dad.

Carrie I hope you don't get pneumonia again. I am proud of you for dressing warmly.

Your brother, Rand, was hoarse today and when I called T during the game, all he had on was sweatshirt.

sara said...

you could have easily fit all those clothes under the purple jumpsuit! come on!! maybe next time if you suggest dave dresses as a burrito, you can wear it and not feel out of place.

you know my mantra, right? it's better to be safe than hungry? but a close second is, it's better to be safe than cold. i'm glad you're living up to it!

rand probably would have been fine in a tank top. we all know he's impervious to cold.

Emily said...

Hey guys, We are so jealous that you have gotten to go to some of the games. Any inside on getting World Series tickets. Greg and Colton are plannin on trying to get tickets to the (Oct. 26 or 27) game, can't remember the day. Will you let me know if you know of a better way to get them than to try through the rockies on Monday when they go on sale.
Emily or Greg

Darcie said...

Carrie, if I had been in Denver I would have dressed in my mom's purple jumpsuit with you (remember we have the exact same jumpsuit, same color, both from our moms- isn't that funny?). Mine is curently in my closet and I just may use it this year on Oct 31st.

dave said...

Emily, I know a guy whose 2nd cousin is dating Franklin Morales, the number 4 pitcher, but short of Frankie pulling through for me I don't know of any other way to get tickets than the internet or waiting in line.

Oh, I also met Pete Coors (Coors Field) once, the owner of Coors Brewing, but I haven't kept in touch with him like I should have. I don't know if that will pan out either.

There is alway the after-market, but it can get expensive. Greg and Colton are welcome to stay at our house if they come.

carrie said...

DARCIE!!! If you and I could have worn matching purple jumpsuits I would have done it in a heartbeat. I can't believe we have never put those on and stormed the town together. It is too perfect. You should plan a road trip to Denver for that very reason!

Emily - we are worried about getting tickets too. It sounds like everyone is going to be trying to buy them on-line...cross your fingers. The only reason we got the other ones is b/c they went on sale well before the Rockies even made it to the NLDS or the NLCS (so we bought them before others thought too.)

Christina said...

you are so die hard with your radios. i love it! and i would totally dress up with you for a game except i don't have anything as cool as the jumpsuit.

Amanda said...

Um Go Rockies! But more importantly, I love your new do (hairdo). Or new to me at least. I've been seeing your pic all over blogtown and I love the bangs on you. Congrats on your 1/2!

carrie said...

oh no! hope you aren't judging the new do based on the 1/2 marathon pics. I swear it looks much better than that - I guess you will get to see it in person soon. I'll really give it my best in NY

christina - sounds like trying to get tickets together to the WS will be tough - you can only buy 4 at a time, and the website is going to be crazy busy. Maybe we can dress up & watch it on tv?