I've got some good news and some bad news

Good news: Game 1 of the world series is tonight!
Bad news: My boss is visiting from out of town. She wants to go to dinner tonight.

Good news: After 2 more frustrating hours of "team world series" pressing "buy tickets now" Dave finally got past the first couple of screens! He selected 4 tickets to game 4, had them in his check out cart, and pressed "PURCHASE!"
Bad news: After he pressed purchase, the website timed out. He never got the tickets

Good news: Dave's brother, Chris, got 4 tickets to game 5. They are great seats: top section, row 1
Bad news: If either team wins the first 4 games, there will be no game 5

Good news: Chris gave Dave one of his 4 tickets to game 5. The dream of attending a world series game is still alive!
Bad news: I was not the lucky recipient of one of the 4 tickets. Apparently Chris is giving the 4th ticket to his wife, who turns out, he loves more than me. THE NERVE!
(j/k Chris)

Although, if one more person says "once in a life time opportunity" I might lose it.

Good news: While we won't get to attend all the world series home games, we also won't have to sell everything we own to pay for the $250 a pop tickets.
Bad news: There is really no down side to that.

And one last piece of good news & bad news:

Good news: Halloween is 1 week from today!
Bad news: Dave and I don't have costumes lined up yet. Any clever ideas?


carrie said...

So Dave upon further reflection I now realize I won't be able to wear the purple jumpsuit to a world series game.

Are you going to let it go un-used, or will you show the depth of your Rockies love & wear the jumpsuit to game 5?

Amy said...

I have enjoyed reading the drama of the tickets. Chad is very jelous that Dave is going to game 5. I just tell him all the more reason to move back to Denver!

dave said...

That was the most frustrating two days of my life trying to get tickets. Fortunately no one from work noticed that I took a 4 hour lunch two days in a row.

Amy said...

If the Rex Sox do what they did in the '04 World Series, there won't be any game 5--but you probably wouldn't know that, you've only been a fan for 22 games or so.

The Red Sox are gonna kick the Rockies trash, I'm really pretty confident.

Sorry if this comment doesn't seem nice, I can't be nice about it.

We'll be friends again after these games are over.

carrie said...

Hey! I've been a fan now for 24 days thank you very much. AND I sang the national anthem at a Rockies home game when I was in highschool while wearing a red, sequend covered dress. That must count for something right? Not to mention my husbands undying devotion since Rockies creation 12 years ago...

Right, the Red Sox probably will sweep. Afterall they swept the past 2 series to get to the world se...oh wait. Wasn't that the rockies?


Emily said...

I won't let Greg read that you (Dave and Chris) got tickets. We were on the computer for 3 hours yesterday. We thought we had a chance, but guess not. He is very depressed. He also keeps saying, "It is a once in a lifetime chance." I guess we will bring out the HD, Hot dogs, nachos, etc. in our basement and pretend we are sitting in the Rockies stadium cheering them on. I am glad that you guys were one of the few lucky ones!!!!

Dave's sacrificing sister said...

Lets keep in mind it wasn't just Dave who was in front of the computer. He made sure that his worker bees stayed in line as well. My poor two year old has been wondering where her mother has been the past two days.

dave said...

The tickets we have are row one of the upper deck pretty much right behind home plate. They are pretty sweet. I need help coming up with a banner to hang over the railing. I was thinking "Sox-Welcome to a Malicious Attack" or "Man Ram isn't fat, just big boned" or "No dancing tonight". Most of the readers of this blog won't get any of those, but oh well.

Amy, you seem pretty confident for someone who lives in Dallas.

Sorry if this comment doesn't seem nice. I can't be nice about it.

Sweet Carrie thinks the Rockies first season was in 1995 (Carrie it was 1993 - 14 years)

Sacrificing Sis. don't forget to mention that your daughter's dirty diaper went unchanged for two days. It was all very appreciated.

dave said...

Or maybe "25 out of 27 ain't bad" - Assuming Rox lose one game and I get a game 5. Suggestions please.

carrie said...

I like:
"Man Ram isn't fat, just big boned"