I know what you are thinking. When exactly did this become a baseball blog? Sara more than anyone has probably had this thought cross her mind as of late.

I promise. This isn't a baseball blog - and I do apologize for the excessive amount of baseball talk during October. You will be happy to know this is my LAST baseball update for a long, long time. I promise. (Unless maybe I run into one of the Rockies down town and he asks me out, or asks me to be his new best friend, or asks me to be his child's god mother, or asks me to get out of his way.)

I just thought you should know after all the drama, Dave and I did end up getting to attend a World Series game. My brother came through with 4 tickets to game 3 (Apparently the system allowed some people to buy 8 tickets on-line instead of the 4 ticket max. Those tickets were re-claimed and sold over the phone.)

We had a great time at the game. We yelled as loud as we could, we wore our rally caps all night, but the poor little Rockies just couldn't quite pull off a win.

After their last (and final loss) Dave and I were pretty depressed. I asked him what we would do with our lives now that baseball was over? He said in a hopeful voice "Well...the Broncos play Monday night..."

I don't think so Dave.


Missy said...

I have loved reading about your journey with the Rockies. It reminds me a bit of Doris Kearns Goodwin's book, What Until Next Year about her love for the Brooklyn Dodgers as a little girl. Thanks for sharing the enthusiasm with us.

Amy said...

You could just think back 30-or-so days and do what you were doing then...before you realized that your city had a baseball team.

Damn...I just can't freaking stand you Rockies fans...even though we won. I have no idea where these feelings are coming from.

Let's get past this baseball stuff so I can be nice to you again. I hate being mean, but wow, I just can't help this behavior.

I seriously need to be medicated or something.

In a few days I'll ask for your forgiveness.

Amy said...

Missy is nice.

Not so sure if I like her either :o)

sara said...

i too have enjoyed the rockies epic... though i haven't had much to add to it. please don't become a broncos fan. please please please.

dave said...

Broncos lost tonight. If the season keeps up like this we will for sure have to get cable so I can watch the Avs and Nuggets.

carrie said...

Missy is extremely nice! Also fabulous, funny, and friendly.

Yah Yah said...

amy: medication? how about a little "anger management" or "do undo others" or "love one another"? Glad I don't live in Boston. Feeling joy in the success of others is such a big part of life that even if one isn't a baseball fan, feeling a warm fuzzy feeling because someone else is experiencing success is always appropriate.