Confessions of a Lewis Blog Stepsister


I have a confession to make.

Yes folks, I too caught a degree or two of "Rockies fever". How could I not when everyone else in my family did (except the NYC crowd and I promise if they were here S would have been a staunch wagon jumper since she could get excited about the lawn being mowed).

I ended up watching the last innings (this being HOURS) of the last three games; however, I am sure I drove my fellow watchers crazy as I peppered them (okay TG Lewis) with questions like

1 - Does Matsui speak English?
2 - How long has he been in the country?
3 - Don't the hats of the Rockies look like they are a deep green instead of black? (keep in mind that TGL is colorblind)
4 - How old is Papelbon "the closer" for Boston?
5 - Have you noticed that all the players chew gum now instead of tobacco? Isn't that nice?
6 - Wow, they certainly spit a lot don't they?
7 - Look how young that little girl is? Do you think her parents paid $250 for her ticket?
8 - What age do you think they have to start paying? Maybe it's like the airlines that for fans under 2 they are free
9 - Can you imagine being the catcher and squatting for living?
10 - I think Ramirez has hair extensions. (following was an in depth explanation to TGL of how extensions work)
11 - It is crazy how much they pay these players. Think how many people in Africa it would feed.
12 - Who is A Rod? Is he related to Dennis Rodman?
13 - Looks really cold doesn't it?

At this point TGL said "I've got to get up and stretch for a minute". Other famous quotes by dad were:

"the problem is you know they are going to lose but you can't turn it off"
"I wish this game would end so I could get on with life"
"Laura, would you please shut up" - Okay he didn't actually say this but I suspect it crossed his mind.

Anyway, I have to say that this whole experience has taught me a few things:

- My brother Rand can and will get anything he wants for his family and loved ones. He truly is amazing and generous. Who else gets tickets to game 3 by just calling the Rockies phone number?
- My brother-in-law Dave is HARDCORE (Sara can provide the true definition of what that means)
- Colorado will rally behind any team further cementing the fact that this is the best state in the USA.

So I too feel a little depressed. There was just a certain feeling in the air, a camaraderie if you will. People were more likely to smile and say hello, let you in the lane on the highway, etc. It was a sort of "Christmas in October" feel.


Missy said...

Laura, I Love this post! I know my mom and I were driving Dave to the breaking point during game four with our questions and unsolicited comments. I also loved the solidarity of everyone getting behind the home team. A neighbor made Rockies banners for everyone on the street, the kids at school would all yell "Go Rockies" after the recitation of the pledge each morning. It was nice to be united in something, for most people to have something in common. I agree, Colorado is a pretty great place to live!

mom said...

YAH yah, Glad to have you join us as a Rockies fan.
I KNOW my brother who lives in Utah called me from LA during the second game of the World Series. He told me that NO ONE cares about the World Series.
I of course disagreed with him telling him he should be in Colorado. As Missy and Yah Yah said, it really united everyone and it was great and fun.

I flew to New York the day of the 4th game and the plane was packed with mostly Rockies fans, a few Red Sox fans, who had flown to Colorado to watch a World Series game. The flight attendant after giving us all the info on landing in NY at the end of her speech and the flight, said enthusiastically, "GO ROCKIES."

Natalee said...

my life is so empty without your unique perspective on everything. i miss you! and everyone else, stop rubbing it in...i am already feeling the colorado blues. it was a fetching 97 degrees today. as my brother-in-law Adam stated "Arizona is hotter than the surface of the sun". sorry about that tangent...go broncos.

sara said...

okay, this is hilarious. i can just picture you asking dad all these questions, trying to get behind the players and finding out about their lives, hair habits, etc. so funny.

i've been getting a lot of questions out here, too, but none about the rockies. questions like "why is this towel hanging on the back of the door?" and "what is that bird sound?" and "where is that scrub brush i gave you for vegetables in 1987?" you have truly learned from the master, as far as the art of question asking goes.

i could really care less about baseball, but i have to say it would have been cool if the rockies had won. something about me always wants to root for the underdog... i can't understand the people that were annoyed they were there and put them down.

dave said...

Yah-Yah you know who told Rand to call the Rockies for tickets right? Although it was Rand who sat on hold for over an hour waiting to maybe talk to someone who could get tickets for face value. It was greatly appreciated.

carrie said...

So funny. I noticed about 1/2 that stuff too while watching, especially the spitting thing. I often thought to make a comment...but knew Dave would give me the "you're ruining this for me!" look.

You and dad are so cute.

carrie said...

ps - i can confirm it WAS really cold! (even though little T wouldn't put on his coat b/c he didn't want to cover up his Rockies shirt!)