Dedicated to Ashley

I just finished Ashley's jump rope workout for the first time. First, a bit of background info about Ashley. She delivered her son one month before I had oz, and she is 5 lbs. less than me right now... and within 5 lbs. of her goal weight! She's an inspiration; she looks amazing and has dropped her baby weight so quickly. I've been much more motivated this time because of her.

So she invented this jump rope workout, and has done it for three weeks now (3 X per week). This is how it goes:

jump rope for 5 minutes

lift weights

jump rope for 5 minutes


until you can't stand it anymore and stop. She is now up to jumping 10 minute intervals, which I can't imagine because just 5 minutes is hard. I set my kitchen timer and every time I thought it had definitely been 5 minutes and I was about to die, I'd look at the timer and still have 3 minutes left! I have a feeling I'm going to be sore tomorrow. But if I can drop some more weight, totally worth it. Plus I like it because it's quick. I was done with the whole program 35 minutes after starting.

And the sweat? I'm sweating from every part of my body!


Anonymous said...

sara...you rule!! glad you liked the work-out!!

carrie said...

"lift weights" is somewhat general. Any way I could get more details on that portion?

it is always nice to find a new workout. Do you have weights at home now? I just realized today that while my 1/2 marathon is over - at some point I will have to start running and working out again.


Janice said...

On my mission, I tried jump roping to help lose some pounds and it about killed me. KILLED ME! Glad you are having success.

sara said...

a little update; i am SORE today. even my stomach is sore, and i didn't do a single crunch or sit up. what an amazing workout.

i'm pretty new to lifting weights. i have some hand weights i picked up at target; they are 5 lbs. each. i just do random curls and butterflies and stuff like that. i'm kind of winging it. i'll show you when you get here.

BYOJR. (bring your own jump rope.)

carrie said...

IDHAJR (i don't have a jupe rope)

eryka said...

Ashley does look great! Any advice I can get to help with the lovely extra baby weight is very welcome. I'm trying to decide if I should join a gym or just train for a 1/2 marathon. Why do I have to work at this? and why is chocolate not helping?

eryka said...

I forgot to add I miss you girls!!!

Anonymous said...

ashley does look fabulous...i don't know how she does it. i mean i have never seen anyone look better! she is amazing! i love ashley!

di said...

gotta love the jump rope. when i was on my mission and had to memorize the discussions i would jump to each word. it was pretty humorous when i would teach them because i would say them in the rhythm of my jumping.

liz said...

BYOJR. (bring your own jump rope.)

you crack me up

I am going to add BYOJR to all my emails and letters now.

sara said...

yeah, anonymous. like we don't know who you are!!! but you really do look great.

eryka, we miss you too! only 6 more months and you'll be jumping rope with us here in tuckahoe.

carrie, YCBOAT (you can buy one at target). they are cheap, too, like 3 bucks. i NEARLY bought one that had weighted handles, but my older sister wisely talked me out of it. thank goodness. i'd be dying right now.

Chris Gustavson said...

Oh my goodness how can I compete with these totally funny comments? (and more importantly - why do I have the notion that there is some kind of who's the funniest competition?!). Good job Sara!

I have 10 pounds to lose... and I'm doing a ton of weights and also have a stationary bike. I just got a few biking DVD's that are hilarious. I literally sit there and bike while watching a bunch of other people sitting there and biking. I have found that the best weight lifting strategy for me is to concentrate on 1-2 bodyparts per day, so legs one day, back & bi's one day, and tri's, shoulder & chest another day. it really seems to work.

But now I'm on my 15th butterfinger halloween candy so I'm pretty sure that is hurting my efforts!

xoxox love you