Hip Hip Horray

It's a good day here in New York.

For one, it's raining. Normally I'm not a huge fan of the rain, but after countless days of 86 degrees, 1 million percent humidity, I'm more than ready for a little fall weather. It's the perfect weather to do a mountain of laundry. Luckily, I have such a mountain in my basement.

Two: C is loving his new preschool. Today when we arrived, his teacher was filling a giant plastic tub with SHAVING CREAM. Yes, shaving cream. It nearly blew my mind. I had to really hold back from jumping in and playing with it too.

And most importantly, our new rug has arrived! After torturing me for a year, the beast it is replacing (AKA the rug that sheds more than 100 dogs) will be relocated to our bedroom. Hopefully not having 2-8 kids running across it all day long will cut the shedding down. I love the new rug; the color is perfect (and much needed, I might add), and when I put Oz on it, he doesn't end up with fistfuls and mouthfuls of fuzz.

Life is good.


Lindsey said...

I love your rug, too! That color is spectacular.

Anonymous said...

looks great...sooo great i thought i'd leave a comment...which i NEVER do!!!

eryka said...

love the rug and the furniture!!

carrie said...

it looks great! so what color is that? a light blue?

I can't wait to see it IN PERSON in 4 shorts weeks!

Janice said...

Love the color. We are painting our ceiling that color.

Tania said...

OH, I really like that - and a million times more practical. You forgot to mention the added bonus -it can be vacuumed!

Mom Lewis said...

Great job in getting rid of the shedding beast. It looks super and so much more practical.