Why do I always have to learn things the EXPENSIVE way?

Some people, it seems, can learn lessons the easy way. I am not one of them.

We learned several expensive lessons while redoing the house. I'd document them here, but you'd never visit this blog again, and that really wouldn't be fair to Carrie. I recently learned an expensive lesson when my darling S was playing Webkinz.com on my computer and spilled her lemonade all over my laptop. The laptop is now dead.

Today I learned that it's very, very bad for your son to drink juice. Apparently, he has 6 cavities. Because he freaks out at the mere mention of visiting a dentist or doctor, I postponed taking him to get his teeth cleaned for a long, long time. This summer I took him for attempt #4, and while he was screaming bloody murder the hygenist got a look in his mouth and said she thought she saw some cavities. So I had to take him to a special pediatric dentist here in Scarsdale, where you pay through the nose for features like flavored gloves (so it tastes like bubble gum when the dentist puts her hands in your mouth), fish tanks and video screens everywhere, cool sunglasses to wear while they shine the bright light on your mouth, and more stickers than you've ever seen. You get the idea. I'm basically paying for a 3 ring circus, with dentistry on the side.

So above is the photo I took of our receipt. They charged us over 300 buck for each cavity (they only fill 2 at a time) and 250 for the gas they had to give him to mellow him out. And we still have 4 cavities to go! Unreal.


carrie said...

wow. that is CRAZY expensive. what a nightmare. did insurance cover any of that?

so did you pull the plug? is the little man officially off juice?

liz said...

scary, we are taking zane tomorrow. what kind of juise btw? i am hoping you say something like hawaiian punch or kool aid (which you won't cos you are a normal mom) and NOT tell me white grape juice.

I am scared to see how tomorrow goes for Z.

liz said...

juice. i swear i went to collidge.

Tania said...

My little stint at the denstist this week cost $1,900. I swear, it would be cheaper (and a better dentist) for us to fly to Utah, and have Rick's brother see us for free! We aren't offered dental insurance, so it's all out of pocket. Maybe I should take myself of the juice too!