C has begun karate. This is following many false starts with sports such as tennis, soccer, and swimming. I was stunned when he said he wanted to do it. Typically a conversation about starting a new sport goes something like this:

Me, “Hey bud. Do you want to take tennis with Jonah?”

C, “No. I don’t know how to play tennis.”

Me, “I know. That’s why you take LESSONS.”

C, “No thanks.”

We showed up at our first karate lesson and I couldn’t believe the difference. It may have had something to do with the costume... er, uniform. He was THRILLED to be putting it on. Everything his teacher showed him he did, without once coming over and laying on me like he usually does.

The best part was the next day, when his teacher (who we have begun referring to as Mrs. Miagi) called. She said he had done a great job, and I wonder if she could feel me glowing over the phone. There’s a good chance she called all the other new students’ parents, and didn’t even remember who C was, but I was still thrilled.

So we just went again on Wednesday. I took C and his two friends, who are also 5 year old boys. The song they requested to listen to on the way there and back? If you wanna be my lover, by the Spice Girls. I wonder what Mrs. Miagi would think of that.


Nana said...

What a cute dear little guy. One never knows what will turn him on. Karate is one sport a Lewis child never did try. What is up with that?

dave said...

Do you think it may have anything to do with his obcession with pokemon? He seems to be into the Asian themed activities. And did you know that Pokemon is short for Pocket Monster in Japanese?

dave said...

Obsession - sorry. I thought I would nip that in the bud.

em said...

I love this boy. I think I might actually be willing to give Karate a shot too if it entailed the spice girls and Mrs. Miagi. I'd be willing to bet as Travis' son he'll wind up being SUPER good at something you never planned on and that no one else is into.