Favorite Gifts from Holiday Season 2007

A fabulous track jacket for Dave
Trust me, he looks super hot in it. He is my favorite (and only) Denver Industries model.

A washer and dryer!
Who knew that washers had the capability of cleaning clothes instead of ruining them?

Not one, but TWO fabulous new purses.
The first purse was hand made by my sister-in-law if you can believe it.

A potpourri of hot sauce for Dave.
Let's see if Dave can actually use it all before the end of 2008.

Matching PJs for the Lewis Family
Of course I had to beg/bribe Dave to wear them...he will not be happy that this picture has gone public.

Original newspaper and magazines from the day/month Dave was born.
Can you believe the top headline for the "Life" magazine is "The Osmond Show Biz Empire?"

And many more fabulous gifts. Of course the best gift was spending quality time with our loved ones. Thanks everyone for your creativity and generosity!


Janice said...

I am currently wearing my Christmas Hannah Andersson pjs as I read this. I have had them for years and pull them out the whole month of December. How fun for EVERYONE to have them.

Amanda Pope said...

I loved the pictures! The hot sauces are such a great idea. Mike feels he hasn't had a real meal unless it is super spicey. Also, the pajamas reminded me of the good ol' Nana pajamas and opening them on Christmas Eve.

dave said...

I am not happy that my picture is out there for the world to see in the those pajamas.

dave said...

The picture is already getting passed around the office.

Ashley said...

Jd and I want a full body shot! We wondering if that style is part of denver industries, bc if so Jd is not interested in modeling! We do like the zip up though!

carrie said...

um...NO, the PJs are not going to be a part of the DI line. But would JD wear them if we got them in a super thin material just like he likes? We could even silk screen "Merry Christmas" over the shoulder - what do you say?

Amanda - that is EXACTLY why my mom got us all matching PJs. We got them christmas eve, and it felt like being at Nana's house. I have the best memories of christmas with you guys!

jared w said...

Dave, words are not sufficient to articulate the image of you in your holiday pajamas...perhaps one...masculine.

Smiths said...

The pjs are too great. I do love the track jacket! Did you say you were making a web site for DI?

sara said...

i bet dave will have polished off all the hot sauce by the end of the week. we don't call him mr. condiments for nothing.

miss you guys already. why not move to NY?

and by the way, i totally sewed the polka dot purse. ha.

Yah Yah said...

Speaking of condiments, I can't shake the image of Dave at the table with his Quiznos sandwich with 6 small plastic containers lined up perfectly infront of him. Before each bite, he placed a pickle, a pepper, hot sauce, an olive, and hot sauce then took the bite. Someone call Peter Piper. Oh and I think at one point someone asked if they could have a pickle and YES, he hesitated.

My lips are sealed about the real source of the zip up jacket.