Christmas 2007 'The saga continues'

More favorite moments

  • being M's pool partner and taking 2nd place when the members of the 1st place team were trying to let us win.
  • S referring to Carrie's crutches as crotches
  • The "Kitchen" New Year's eve when mom was making mac 'n cheese, Rand was defrosting and fixing the freezer, I was making nachos and Sydney was standing up holding onto the freezer door ALL AT THE SAME TIME
  • Glancing out the front window and seeing a mountain lion [okay it was really the next door neighbor's dog] grab the Tupperware of homemade goodies and run away into the darkness. We had emptied the fridge and freezer and were keeping the food outside in the sub zero temperatures.
  • Having 5 minute whispered discussions with T before each turn while playing the Train Game. [we were partners but he was the mastermind]
  • Listening to C and S play together
  • Going to Build a Bear with S.
  • Watching everyone open the gifts I gave
  • Making Oreo shakes
  • New Years Eve doing an online Ethics course at the mtn house in a room with 17 other people. If I didn't finish it by 12/31 my CPA license would have been in jeopardy.
  • Trying to move Carrie's car and turning on the windshield wipers, lights, wiper fluid spray, and radio before finally getting it into reverse only to realize the emergency brake was on which I didn't know how to release [I drive a '92 Corolla]
  • Sees Chocolates
  • Going to the mall to shop/speed walk with Sara. [she is the world's fastest walker and admits that if anyone is in front of her she feels like she needs to pass them]
  • Dad being there
  • Observing C put on his coat and exclaim that he was going home to NYC right then and having S plead with him to stay [we all know he doesn't go 10 steps away from Sara]
  • Trying to negotiate the narrow ladder from the top bunk at 4 am in order to go to the bathroom.

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sara said...

awesome. i totally forgot about the crotches comment, and C's faux departure.

you forgot to mention: waking me up when you flossing your teeth on the top bunk at 6 am.