Chicken Bullion

Last week, I ran out of chicken bullion. This is probably the 3rd time I've run out lately, so I decided to get a lot so I had some on reserve. I think I went a little crazy. The store I wandered into (while waiting for our car to get washed) had a wide variety, so I loaded up.

Tell me, how on earth did I end up spending 24 bucks on chicken bullion?


Janice said...

I never even use chicken bullion. EVER.

carrie said...

well, that is A LOT of chicken bullion. so you know, you probably got your money's worth.

At least it will last a while. I spent $12 bucks on grapefruit last night that will last like 5 days.

Mom said...

Good work! I try to never run out of chicken bouillon or beef for that matter.

I was glad to see you purchased Better than Bouillon which I like best, but needs to be in the fridge after opening. But you also purchased some granules/dried which can be kept on the shelf.

It is always good to be prepared. I am so proud of you.

Mom said...

BTW Note the correct spelling of bouillon. Love you.

dave said...

I could go for a chicken bouillon cube right now. They make for a tasty snack in the afternoon.

Lindsey said...

It's cuz you went to Food Emporium. Money pours out of my wallet just driving by there.

Yah Yah said...

Now you have the raw materials for a great April Fool's joke. You remove your shower head and place a cube of bouillon [spelled correctly] in there. Then when someone takes a shower, the water is either yellow or brown and smells like chicken or beef.

Now you just need a good bottle of methyl blue and the sky is the limit.

I wouldn't dare admitt how much I have spent on some items like gum, gumballs, candy etc. My alltime worst is a couple of months ago when I had to special order these cookies that Whole Foods had stopped carrying and I had to buy the whole box. EIGHTY FOUR Smackers on cookies. Needless to say I don't love them as much now that I have a 4 year supply.