Highlights from Christmas 07

So here, in no particular order, are my favorite memories from Christmas this year.

1. Laura, who not 10 minutes earlier had refused to be cast in the nativity, suddenly had a change of heart and began appearing in different elaborate costumes for EVERY role. This is her in my Grandma's old temple dress, being an angel. The wise guy next to her is Rand.

2. In one of the many costume changes, she came out wearing a wig, a red cape, and was carrying a sequined devil's tail. C leaned over to me and whispered, "How did they change their hair?"

3. When Travis finally arrived, having passed the kidney stones, at about 2 am on Christmas morning. He snuck down to the basement, where we were sleeping, and got a good look at the PJs I was wearing, which were about 2 sizes too small. He said, "Wow! So these are the pajamas? I didn't know they were going to be sexy!" (Don't worry; I ended up with a pair that fit.)

4. As we were all prepping the kids to go down to see what Santa brought, Travis frantically asked if he got pajamas. My mom found them, and he ripped them open and was wearing them in seconds. This was quite a different reaction than the other adult males in the family, who kept the tags on theirs so they could later attempt to return them.

5. Skipping snowboarding in the -35 degree weather, with 70 MPH winds. Best decision I made the whole vacation, probably.

6. Watching all the kids with Uncle Dave in the hot tub. It was clear a game of truth or dare was going on, with all the dares involving sticking various body parts in the snow.

7. Playing Ticket to Ride. I hope someday I'll win that stupid game.

8. Watching Rand teaching my kids to ski. Now that, my friends, is sacrifice.

9. Getting to snowboard with my nephews. And knowing that in one more year, they will all be better than me!

10. Forgetting my laptop in Boulder when we went up to the mountain house. I'm sure I was much more social without it, though I missed it terribly!

11. Watching my mom and dad with baby Oz.

12. Watching Oz play with his much more agile cousin (she has a lot less weight to haul around!).

13. The pool tournament I tried to lose.

Of course there were many more wonderful moments, all which made the 4 hour wrestling match I had with Oz on the way out AND back worth every minute.


Pepper said...

I hope you and Carrie realize that I pee my pants laughing every time I read your blog. Go easy, we don't have dryers in NZ and all the laundry is building up.

carrie said...

How did I not make the top 13 list? For the love? Couldn't you have thrown me a bone #14, doing taebo with carrie even though she quit after 5 minutes?

Laura looks so fantastic in all the getups!

dave said...

I too was surprised that I was only mentioned once.

I thought for sure there would be some reference to the stomach flu that was going around the whole time we were in the mountains.

Yah Yah said...

So does it need to be "all carrie and dave all the time?" Sheesh guys, this blog is about you guys and your antics 98% of the time. Cut the rest of us a break; however, I must admit these photos probably wouldn't make my top ten "when Laura looks the most attractive" list.

sara said...

sorry kids. did you want me to put playing ticket to ride WITH CARRIE AND DAVE? we could have had some good memories watching 30 rock, if carrie didn't hate it.

and carrie, let's face it... you were on crotches and asleep like 75% of the time.

i almost put going out to breakfast. but then, i didn't actually go!