Happy Birthday Dave

I'm a bad wife. It has been 23 days since Zach Morris...I mean...Dave's birthday. And I'm just now getting a birthday acknowledgement on the blog!

Dave you are without question my very best friend. I never get tired of spending time with you or observing your daily accomplishments and antics. Thanks for making me so happy. I love you, and feel incredibly lucky that you are my husband. HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY.

Here are 10 things you might not know about Dave:

1. When he takes his lunch to work, he eats the whole thing by 9:30am (usually starting with the turkey sandwich around 8am). He then calls me at 10:30 to complain he is hungry.

2. He is hands down the fastest snowboarder I've ever seen. He could beat any skier down any double diamond, icy shoot, covered in HUGE moguls. Most snowboarders never attempt moguls.

3. He is a great neighbor. He is always shoveling extra walks, mowing extra lawns and cleaning out gutters than aren't his. When he gets a "snow day" and everyone else has to go to work, he walks around outside for hours knocking snow off people's tree branches so the branches don't break under the weight of the snow.

4. He can quote any line from any episode of the Office.

5. He is an excellent cook. He follows no recipe, and can never re-create anything Рbut his stir fry, saut̩ed shrimp, grilled meats/veggies, and other concoctions always taste fabulous.

6. Whenever we go on walks through the neighborhood, or local park – he picks up and throws away any trash that crosses our path

7. Don't walk, lie, or sit on his grass. When we were first married he came home from work and I was outside, lying on the grass, reading a book. He yelled "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? GET OFF THE GRASS!!!!" And Dave doesn't yell. If you are at our house visiting, he will act like he doesn't care if you walk on the grass. But the second you leave, he will probably mow our grass again so it is standing up straight.

8. He knows all sorts of random facts. The other night we went to a Safeway and he said "I wish all Safeways were like this one. It just makes sense that a grocery store have a basement and keep the stock room there, vs. the main level." I have no idea how he knows where this, or any Safeway's stock room is.

9. He is a very consistent exerciser. He exercises at least 5 days a week, every week.

10. He has a strange mystical power over kids. Kids who never go to anyone invariably get off their parents lap, so they can go sit with Dave (even if they have never seen him before.)

I could go on and on about how cool Dave is, but I think these pictures speak for themselves. Don't forget to post a comment sharing something you know or like about Dave.


Yah Yah said...

Is he breakdancing on the stove?

Dave makes me so happy because he is such a perfect match for Carrie and our family wouldn't be the same without him.

These are also things that come to mind when I think of Dave:
- hot sauce
- home depot
- being formal
- enjoying every meal
- the only one I know who can out eat Carrie
- spray butter
- HAVAJANAS [butchered the spelling?]
- Lawn care
- candy during church stuck up random parts of his wardrobe.
- yellow jeep
- the Napali Coast
- "Dearest Katharine...."

I love you Dave.

Ashley said...

Dave is pretty cool. We have had some pretty fun times together! Here are just a few of them...
1.going to hawaii and making sure we had a huge bottle of baby oil with us at all times to apply to make sure we could get the most sun possible the whole trip.
2. The summer I mowed lawns with him. I was the trimmer/blower girl. To keep the day exciting we would make up songs about chris aka buttons who has a green tooth, and smells like cheese.
3. when i met JD i knew he was perfect bc he reminded me so much of dave. I told dave about him and said they were so similar bc they both had lots of moles, skinny legs, and ran the same.
Dave has been a great big brother and i always have so much fun whenever i am with him! Love you!

Missy said...

I have always loved and adored David. I remember when I was in high school and he was in elementary school he would sleep on the floor in my bedroom every night. I always thought it was because he liked my company, I later learned it was because I had a tv in my room.

David has always been really concerned about those less fortunate than he is. When he was little he was always so worried about the homeless men and women we would see downtown. When he came to visit in NY he would talk to every street vendor or any other person who came up to ask him to buy something.

He is so much fun to talk to. I have so many memories of sitting on the front porch with him and Chris solving the problems of the world. Everyday I look forward to his phone call-even if it is just because he is bored at work.

I love his laugh and his sense of humor. He can tell stories better than anyone. I could go on and on and on, but I'll stop there. I love you David, you're a great brother. xoxo

carrie said...
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Kathleen (alias mother-in-law) said...

"How do I love thee,
Let me count the ways"

1. So helpful around the house-your house and ours. Especially since Gordon has been so sick.

2. Enjoys getting in and fixing things and "can."

3. Is amazing with children and they LOVE him. Always playing and instigating fun things to do with them.

4. Always walks and helps me out to my car when I visit them, or takes hold of me when were are walking, and he thinks I could trip or fall.

5. Can and does cook and prepare yummy food/meals and always helps clean up after a dinner.

6. Very thoughtful,caring, and concerned. It warms my heart the way he treats Carrie.

7. Great sense of humor. He was quite formal at first.

8. Hard worker.

9. Loves to go to the mountain house and even the Payson cabin.

10. Carrie has always enjoyed dressing up and doing crazy things, so he's perfect for her. (see photos)

11. Runs, works out, snowboards, mountain bikes, hikes, goes to movies, out to dinner, entertains, etc. some of the many things he and Carrie like to do together.

So glad that you are part of our family. That your sisters fixed you and Carrie up from Brooklyn, NY
because Carrie's boyfriend at the time was not a keeper.

Love you tons,
Kathryn oops! I mean Kathleen

Bob said...

Dave is the best for keeping me entertained with all of those pranks he pulled on DC. I still crack up thinking about those days. Too bad we never got around to lowering his desk by 3 inches. That would have been one of the classics. Also, he's my hero for running the Napali coast in a day. I can't wait to see what grandiose plans he has in mind this year.

Marcia --Dave's mom said...

Dave, there are so many stories about you that I don't know where to begin. You've always been very adventurous--perhaps a little too much! For instance:

1. the time you jumped off the diving board backwards and sliced open your lip at the young age of two--hence the big lip

2. the time you jumped out of the shower (age two) and hit the edge of the toilet causing a gash above your eye--the same doc stitched you up as in the previous accident. I think he was starting to wonder if there was some foul play

3. the time you got hit by a car when only five years-old as you were riding your bike up to the pool to get a last minute swim in. Luckily, only your leg was broken

4. the time you broke your arm while doing tricks on your skateboard

5. the time you broke your back while snowboarding when you ran into a tree

These are just a few of the many adventurous activities in which you participated. I know there are many I've never heard about and would just as soon remain ignorant. Like Dad always said, "David surely kept that guardian angel busy. I think he was always relieved when Dave would fall asleep for the night."

Dave, you have been a source of worry for Dad and me; however, we would never change you. You can make me laugh like no one I know. The way you say certain words like "Daaavid" as you mimmick me calling you from the kitchen downstairs. You can always make something serious seem funny. You're also very caring and concerned about others and their feelings. Remember your little friend in kindergarten named Chong who was from Korea. He couldn't speak English, so you befriended him and played with him. I could go on and on but I think my space is about taken, so I'll just say, "I love you very very much, even if you did make Grandma Healy run after you as you raced down the street on your bigwheel. You're one of a kind!!!

Chris said...

Other than my wife Dave has always been my best friend. Thanks for the good times and I can't with for the many ahead of us.

sara said...

dave, how much did you and chris pay carrie to put that shirtless picture up?

i like dave because he knows how to correctly spell boullion. and because he is handy at things like taking apart ovens.

i never thought anyone could outshine carrie with kids, but my children barely look at her when dave is around. he is the most fun, exciting uncle in the world.

plus, he is a mean ticket to ride player AND he runs super fast.

love you david. happy b-day... about a month late.


Travis said...

Dave always makes me ride down the mogely, steep hills--even when I feel like I'm too tired to do it. But I'm always--or at least most the time--happy that he pushes me.

I love that he's a genuinely nice guy (he's real). And I love that he talks politics with me (he's a liberal at heart, I know it).

Carrie, what's up with you posting then deleting your comment?!

Mom Lewis said...

Sara got closer to spelling bouillon correctly above but not quite. Sara move the i in front of the l and "by jove, you've got it." (Remember Mary Poppins?)

I glad Dave thinks a chicken bouillon cube would make a tasty afternoon treat. They are my least favorite because they take so long to dissolve BUT, in your mouth, they would last longer! Great idea.

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday to the man who insisted I have a peep hole in my door. I'll admit I was a little nervous when he took a massive drill to my metal door. But alas, I soon found yet another talent of Dave's.

David's dad said...

David was, without doubt, the best Christmas present our family ever received even if it was a day late. Coming home from the hospital in a large Christmas stocking was an early indication life with David would be an adventure and it has certainly lived up to that billing. We used to say, only half kidding, between David and Chris we made so many trips to the hospital emergency room the staff had pre-printed admittance forms with their names on them. The zip lines from near the top of the backyard tree to David's second story bedroom window, picking-up a roll of developed film to find pictures of several neighborhood boys laying down next to each other with David and Chris flying over them on their bikes, receiving calls from the school principal saying David had climbed onto the school roof because he was curious about what was up there, standing with Dave while he received his Eagle Scout award, his mission call to Brazil, waiting anxiously in the hospital emergency room for the ambulance bringing David from Winter Park because David had run into a tree trying to avoid other skiers and the EMTs thought his back was broken, walking down the stairs to the basement and having David introduce us to Carrie for the first time have all been part of the excitement in watching David become the kind of man any parent would be proud to call son. Happy Birthday David, we love you and look forward to sharing in the adventures yet to come. Dad

Anonymous said...

From Dave's sister Kim

What comes to my mind when I think of Dave is:

My kids always want Uncle Dave to play
Mr. Fix it
Saving his leftovers even when he was little he would have to save the tinyest thing (I think this is where Jack gets it from)
Kind Heart

We love you Dave

andrea said...

Happy belated birthday. I want in on the dave-is-the -best-ever rant. Hope you had a great birthday. I'm so jealous of all the time other people get to spend with you and Carrie. You two are my favorite couple ever. And every story I hear about you, Dave, I like you more and more. Especially that time that you and a lifeguard saved someone from the ocean.

Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe you guys remember me, maybe you don't... but we were in the singles ward together. I think you guys got married a week after we did. Anyway, hope you don't mind, I saw your blog off the the Wandry's blog, so I just had to comment. I will never forget one sunday in the Cherry Hills ward when Carrie was sick or something and some girl we had never seen was sitting by Dave. She started rubbing his back. We thought.."where's Carrie, and maybe that's Dave's sister or something". Afer Sacrament meeting, when we were talking to Dave, he said she was just some random chick who started rubbing his back. He was like..."hey random chick...I'm engaged". It was funny, and Dave was such a good sport. We still laugh about it!!!