No Go

Well, turns out baby is quite comfortable breech and would really appreciate it if everyone would just leave him alone.

The Dr. gave it 4 valiant efforts and actually got him half way around...but Mr. baby held firm, and then quickly went back into his favorite position.

It is so bizarre. You guard your belly for 8 months from even the slightest bump...and then suddenly two full grown men are shoving their hands and fists as deep into your tummy and they can. Dave said he could see the full outline of the baby through my stomach. Apparently baby has been working out and is looking quite toned!

So the C-section is tentatively scheduled for July 25th.

I think Dave was feeling since this was (potentially) his only chance to spend time in a labor & delivery room - he really had to make the most of it. I don't think he sat down once the 4 hours we were there. Instead he:

*Rigged up the TV so it played his "labor" play list via his ipod
*Opened every drawer and cabinet in the place - and went through the contents of each one. He kept saying "Do you think we can take this home?"
*Used the little magic wand thing that directs the massive "birthing" lights. When I came out of the bathroom, they were shinning on me. When I got back in bed, they were shinning on me. You see the theme.
*Perused the menu and asked "should we order some food?"
*The nurse made the mistake of bringing the ultrasound machine into the room, and then left it there with us. Dave busted out the ultra sound gel and checked out with the machine the inside of his finger, arm, and was nubbins away from lathering up his belly when the nurse came back.
*He also mentioned "Do you think I should jump in the Jacuzzi tub?"

All in all I'm glad the attempted "turn" is over - and I look forward to meeting baby in 2 short weeks.


Amy said...

I'm sorry you may have to have a c-section. Although the thought of not having to go through hours of intesive labor sounds quite nice! I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

Christina said...

Aren't those rooms fun? I totally would have been playing too if I weren't in labor there! I'm a little surprised Dave didn't go for a little soak.

Smiths said...

Too bad you need a C-section. I wouldn't be too sad about not going through labor, though. I can't wait to see this little guy! Where are you delivering??

Yah Yah said...

At least Dave didn't try to "dismantle" anything.

sara said...

ah dave. he always makes things more fun.

i bet you're a bit relieved he won't be allowed in the room until the c-section is done, right? you never know what he'd get into...

Brian and Elizabeth Shelley said...

C-sections are the cool thing to do! At least yours is planned. Email me and I will give you all my details!

Cafe Johnsonia said...

Good luck with everything!

Your husband is a riot. The first time my husband was in the labor and delivery room, he just sat motionless in the rocking chair in the corner. Hopefully the third time will be more fun for him. :)