July 4th Festivities

July 4th celebrations started for us on the 3rd when we attended the Rockies game/fireworks show.

Dave called me the afternoon of the 3rd and said:

Dave: "So - are you planning to go to the game tonight?"
Carrie: "Of course!"
Dave: "Oh. REALLY? ok...I guess I better make some calls."

Apparently he had already lined up 4 "back-up" attenders to use my ticket presuming after a full day of work I wouldn't want to sit through a 4 hour Rockies game, packed with people, in blistering heat, on a hard bench, while 8 months and 1 week pregnant.

Here is a hot tip for all you pregnant ladies out there. LISTEN TO YOUR HUSBAND. Don't attempt to sit through a 4 hour Rockies game, packed with people, in blistering heat, on a hard bench, while 8 months and 1 week pregnant.

It wasn't the wisest choice I've ever made. By the 8th inning I couldn't even bring myself to look at the field. I'd notice what felt like a lull in activity and look at Dave and say "What is going on?" He would reply "Oh they are switching pitchers." Don't ask me why I couldn't just look at the field...but that really didn't feel like an option at the time. Poor Dave. I think it was more like bringing a big blow up pregnant doll to the game b/c I didn't talk much. I was pretty zoned out.

People I didn't know kept saying "Wow! You are so hard core! You must be a huge fan! Your baby is going to be the biggest Rockies fan EVER!" I couldn't bring myself to tell them this was only my 2nd game this season, and I mostly came for the fireworks and dipping dots.

When the game went into extra innings I opted to go stand in the back rather than continue to sit and sweat. At that point I was rooting for a run, ANY run to end the game. In the 11th inning our opponents scored a run and I felt a huge wave of relief...UNTIL the Rockies tied things up. Seriously - how dare they? Don't they realize the delicate state I'm in? Luckily they snuck another run in so the game did end at the bottom of the 11th. Hallelujah.

Next on the agenda? Get to know the Rockies grass.

We had intentionally purchased seats that are allowed to go down onto the field for the fireworks show. As you know, Dave feels very strongly about grass in general. He was quite excited to get his hands on the Rockies field. Once we finally got to the field (took over an hour) we had a great time. It was pretty cool being down there.

The fireworks show was amazing - and made the whole long ordeal feel worth it. We were so close to the action that firework debris was literally raining down on us. I'm not sure how much baby enjoyed the event though. After each and every blast I would feel him startle/jump in my belly. Poor guy probably thinks I live in the middle of a war zone.

When it took us over an hour to walk the 9 blocks back to the car (because every step I took resulted in a contraction) Dave announced he was going to start restricting my activity whether I liked it or not. Actually, it sounds like a huge relief.

Friday morning I woke up feeling completely refreshed and ready to go. We had an absolutely perfect 4th...one of the best days I've had in a long time. We started out with a walk around the neighborhood in the cool morning air. Then, we headed down to his parent's neighborhood pool for a 4th of July pool party. I must just look generally hot and uncomfortable b/c as I eased myself into the pool a man I didn't know said "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yea!!!!!! I bet that feels GOOOOOOOOOOD!"

Yes strange man I don't know. It felt fabulous. Nothing like being cool and weightless at the same time. If I could, I would spend the rest of my pregnancy in a pool.

We found out last week baby is breech so I was trying all sorts of tricks in the water to try to get him to flip. Hand stands, forward flips, backward flips, back floats (which ended up being "back sinks"), etc. Baby seemed to be hanging on for dear life b/c I didn't feel him move once.

After the pool party, we went back to Dave's parents house with his brother's family for some homemade strawberry ice cream and chit chat. So relaxing! Then that evening we had a fabulous BBQ with the Wandrys. The smores grilled over their new fire pit REALLY hit the spot. All in all, it couldn't have been a better day.

Tomorrow the Dr is going to try to turn baby. Wish me luck!


Janice said...

I attended a Crash Test Dummies concert 8.5 months pregnant and we were right up against the stage (in the old FOX theatre.) Poor Toothsome #1 felt every drum beat.

Christina said...

AAAAH! I will be thinking about you tomorrow. Good luck. Let's hope that baby isn't stubborn and just moves!!! I love that belly pic of you. So cute!

Natalee said...

How did you lie on your back like that? I could never breath on my back.
By the way, we went to a Nuggets game when I was 8 mo with H and I kept saying to Steve, "It is really loud." I couldn't take it, so we left early.

Emily said...

Oh man, too bad about the baby being breech. Cannon, my 2nd was breech and they tried to turn him but he wouldn't turn. Hopefully you can get your little guy to turn. But, if not I just had my 2nd c-section and I don't mind them at all. In fact it was better than the other way for me (sorry to be so graphic) but wanted to help you feel a little better.

sara said...

i went to spider man 3 when i was 2 days over due. worst. movie. ever. the show itself was probably fine, but i was so FREAKING uncomfortable i thought i was, literally, going to die. at least it wasn't hot in there... but my feet swelled up to the size of basketballs.

i'm with nat. how did you lay on your back like that? pretty cool picture of you though. look how skinny your arms are! it's all baby!!!

turn baby, turn. and wait for sara to come so i can be there for the birth!!!