Just call me McGyver

Roughly 3 seconds after getting his cast on, Calder began acting like a typical nearly-6 year old boy... which resulted in the cast deteriorating pretty quickly. Rather than take him in to get another one put on, I just solved the problem with some duct tape and my ingenuity.


Mark said...

I thought anytime you use duct tape you have to use bailing wire, they're married as far as McGyver's concerned. You could also ask yourself, what would Chuck Norris do?

Chris said...

Just a warning. I did this to my dog's cast after he chewed through part of it. Since the duct tape didn't breath too well he developed a skin infection that was way worse than the original injury, and way more expensive than just getting the cast replaced.

sara said...

can't believe i forgot the bailing wire. next time.

a favorite phrase around our house is WWRD? (what would riggins do?). chuck norris is almost as cool as tim riggins though.

chris, i totally panicked after i read about your dog's infection. but then as dave pointed out, calder would definitely tell me if his skin was feeling weird. we'll find out for sure on monday when it finally comes off!