It's time already...

... for me to post about the first two weeks of July. I have finally de-stressed enough to relive the beginning of the month, and hopefully move on. Things started well with a little of this:

This is not actually me wakeboarding (I couldn't get the pictures off the the site they had been uploaded to), but I looked pretty much the same. Except my mouth was open. And I ride goofy, not regular.

I was a little sore from the above activity, but still had the stamina to do a lot of this:
The packing was going really well until July 4th, when we experienced this:
Calder had a run-in with a big guy on a trampoline, and broke the 1st metatarsal in his foot. Huge bummer... not to mention all the time spent not packing while we got it Xrayed, and then visited the orthopedist to get it cast, etc. Basically, we would have been in serious trouble if not for this:
Once again, Nana saves the day. Thanks Mom!!! What would we have done without you?


di said...

what a cute picture of your mom!
sounds like a crazy month. when it rains it pours! hope that you are enjoying your new house!!!

Janice said...

Moms always save the day. That is why we have them.

carrie said...

We love you Nana!

darcie said...

1. i too ride goofy (but have no business wake boarding)
2. my mom goes by nana
3. calder is a heartbreaking hottie

Natalee said...

Sadie and Calder match. Except her cast is hot pink. Those dang trampolines. Did I miss the memo that you are moving?