Another expensive lesson, learned

Turns out, rubber balls that have flashing lights don't flush down the toilet very well. I guess this is not exactly a lesson that I needed to learn, but now every kid that was over at my house the day this went down is going to get a reminder each and EVERY time they set foot on my property from here on out. The problem is, 3 of the possible culprits aren't really old enough to understand... but are definitely old enough to be interested in dropping things in the potty.

Price tag for this little plumbing adventure? $450. It would have been $175 higher, but the first plumber who came only snaked the toilet and scratched it, so I got out of that bill. Man alive, owning a house is expensive.

This actually happened back in May, but I've been bogged down with the drama of selling the house and moving. More to come, I promise. Life has slowed down substantially now that we're in "Calderado."


carrie said...

I love Calderado.
So cute.

Janice said...

Your moving? Where?

Cafe Johnsonia said...

That reminds me of the time our toilet shattered when it was sat on... (By me, okay?) Little did we know until later that it had been cracked all the way down the side--probably for a long time. An accident waiting to happen...

The plumber told me he installed a new toilet with preventative measures in case one of kids flushed something down it--like a ball. That thought had NEVER crossed my mind until that moment.

Tell me who those naughty children are and I'll be sure to never have them over. :) (just kidding)

sara said...

we're just moving a couple miles away... same ward, same everything.

unfortunately, there's just as good a chance that it was one of my kids that dropped the ball in there, even though they deny it till they are blue in the face. hopefully being without an extra bathroom for a month will serve as a reminder for the future!!! plus the daily lectures on not flushing anything down but TP.