Some of you may think Danny is the cute little bloke in the blue onesie pictured above. I mean, look at that little guy. Don't you just want to kiss him? He is definitely cute enough to warrant a post. However, if you know anything about this blog, you know this post is not about the child. I mean, why would we talk about a child when we can talk about a dog?

Yes, meet Danny, the original dog in law.

As you will recall, last month I featured two of my newest dog in laws in the great dog debate. Well, in doing so, I completely forgot the feelings of poor little Danny. It only makes sense that Danny, the first dog I've ever had a relationship with, might feel left out for not being featured in the post. (Translation, Danny's owner, Chris, is feeling slighted.)

SO...without any further adieu, I would like everyone to take a moment to get to know Danny. He is a dog. And he is a good dog. I don't know a lot of dogs, but what I know of Danny I really like. He is honest, trustworthy, and extremely loyal (especially to his tennis balls). And if that doesn't impress you, does it help that he can fit 3 of those tennis balls in his mouth at the same time?

While he isn't going to win any Olympic medals (after all when he gets into a car he puts his front paws up and then waits for you to lift his butt into the car) he is a sweet dog. His little sister, who happens to be a real child, could rip his ear right off and he would just sit there pleasantly, smiling.
So there you go. Cheers for Danny!

So are we good now Chris?


Chris said...

Danny appreciates the kind thoughts about him. They go a long way to heal the hurt from the earlier slight. I don't think he'll hold it against you for too much longer.

Christina said...

Poor Danny.... we must have really hurt his feelings. He looks like he's moping! That is the cutest picture ever...
ps. i'm waiting for you to do your "other" post carrie!

Missy said...

I have to agree that Danny is a great dog and he really does love his family (his human family that is).

Christina said...

I'm dying for another post. :) Reading them always brightens my day... How are you?