Death by pizza crust

The devoted lewisgirls readers will remember Shark Boy and Lava Girl (http://lewisgirls.blogspot.com/2007/02/shark-boy-and-lava-girl.html) where I talked about how impossible it was to keep a goldfish alive. Well, we managed to luck out and get the most invincible goldfish ever. I had left town, completely forgetting to find someone to take care of it while we were gone. We've been through so many goldfish by now, we had given up on naming them, but I think at one point S said his name was Sara, so we'll just go with that.

I remembered Sara 1.5 weeks into our vacation. I was actually a little happy, since S had lost interest in feeding Sara, and with a new baby I didn't need anything else on my plate. I asked our next door neighbor to go over and flush her down, and was shocked to get an email saying that when they went over, the fish was alive and kicking. So her daughter took care of the fish until she had to leave for EFY. By then, Trav was back, and brought the fish home but couldn't find the fish food, so he decided to feed it some of his pizza crust (you can see the crust in the foreground of the photo).

That night we discussed our options: Trav was heading into the city for work, and most likely wouldn't be back for a week or two to take care of the fish. We were in Colorado indefinitely. I again suggested flushing it, but Trav couldn't bear the thought. So we decided early the next morning he would go down and release Sara into the Bronx river. A much more humane death, I'm sure!

The next morning he woke up, and prepared for Sara's emancipation. When he went to get her, she was belly up. If I had know, I would have fed her pizza crust a few months ago!


dave said...

I don't want to come across as insensitive to the work a new baby requires, but "I was actually a little happy, since S had lost interest in feeding Sara, and with a new baby I didn't need anything else on my plate." seems a little dramatic. Is it really that hard to put a pinch of food in a bucket every 4th day? I have had a few goldfish in my day, even swallowed them whole on a bet, and I know they don't require love and care. All I have to say is lets not get you a dog.

carrie said...

This from the man who routinely drops his dirty clothes on the floor, literally 3 inches from the laundry hamper. Is it really so hard to move your arm the extra 3 inches so the clothes land in the hamper instead of on the floor?

Lets not get YOU a dog.

carrie said...
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carrie said...

ps - I wish you had freed Sara in the river. Am I the only one who remembers the plight of poor little Nemo?