You paid how much for those lollipops?

While vacationing in Colorado, we went to one of our favorite places to blow money, Ocean Journey. We paid 30 bucks to get in, 6 dollars to park, and $2.50 for S to climb a coconut tree. Then I got talked into these lollipops, which I thought were $2 each. Imagine my shock when I found out they were actually $4 each! Let’s hope they last the rest of our trip here.

As we were driving home, C handed me his with only about 1 inch eaten off. I said, “We’ll put it in a safe place at Nana’s house so you can have more later.” His reply was: “It’s a good thing Dad’s not here. He’d try to eat the whole thing.” Truer words were never spoken.

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carrie said...

so the real question is - how long will the lollipops sit around collecting lint before you decide you got your $8 worth?