Look at what I found in my mother's closet

Yes, folks, they are detachable shoulder pads... so you can add shoulder pads to any outfit you choose. Most of you probably threw yours away about 20 years ago, but not big K Lewis. We’ve been cleaning out her closet and this is just one of many treasures I have come across. More to follow... (if she allows her FIVE sock drawers to be photographed).


Lindsey said...

Oh, yes. I know all about those. My mom STILL wears them--EVERYDAY!!!!

My fave was when I borrowed them one day in junior high (don't ask...my mom still picked out my clothes) and one migrated down on top of one of my blossoming bosoms. I looked down after I brushed one as I was putting my backpack on--it felt funny and squishy. Anyway, I realized what it was and headed straight for the ladies room.

Thanks for a good laugh!

Miss you! Come back soon!

liz said...

sara, would you say these might be good for the environment to be used in one's nursing bra?

sara said...

lindsey, i love it! so funny. i should have tried padding my bra with them in high school; perhaps i would have dated more. which leads me to liz's comment... i can't imagine anything better than the feel of velcro in my nursing bra! good thinking.