Woes of a tax accountant

As some of you know, I am a tax accountant which means that from mid January to April blessed 15th I sell my soul to Uncle Sam. Having done this for many years, I have gotten accustomed to the following during this time of year:

- doing wash at 1 am [yep my downstairs neighbors love me]
- excessive "rush" online ordering of clothes, shoes, etc. just to break up the long days.
- excessive receipt and build up of above items that need to be returned but aren't because UPS and USPS aren't open at 11 pm.
- feeling like going to Whole Foods or the grocery store is an "event"
- equating the feasibility of visiting the mall on the same level as a trip to Mexico, totally out of the question
- waking to the alarm's beep one hour after it was set to go off. [yep, i can sleep for one hour while it beeps 2 inches from you head]
- Instead of "springing forward" for daylight savings, I "stepped back" and set my clock back and subsequently completely missed church and left the primary kids without their chorister
- making it to the mailbox once a week
- having people say repeatedly "wow, you look really tired" which equates,to "you look like h _ _ _!
- once again missing out on accompanying the family on a Spring Break trip to Hawaii, Arizona, ...

But today I really hit ROCK BOTTOM in fact, I've gone way below rock bottom and am looking up at it. I've sunk so low that worms are looking down at me. It is 11:30 am, my mom called me and talked for quite sometime and then threatened me about posting anything on the blog about her birthday. HER BIRTHDAY. I hadn't even called to wish her Happy Birthday. I made a mental note last night to call her early but I had totally forgotten. This is the woman who gave me life, who has sacrificed every and anything for her family.

So, in attempt to raise at least a centimeter off the bottom, I'd like to say Happy Birthday to my mom who is the most self sacrificing, amazing, strong, smart, witty, and wonderful woman in my life. And to the IRS I would like to say, make gifts, lunches, notes, and any money spent on a mom tax deductible.


sara said...

poor, poor ya ya. i hate this time of year. i can't stand thinking about you, and how all you do is sit in front of your computer for hour after hour.

if it makes you feel any better, i never get to go on the family vacations either.

and yes, mom is the greatest. she said no blog posts on her b-day but she didn't say anything about not posting comments, so mom if you read this i love you!!! happy b-day. i hope you enjoy what we sent you. i also hope i figure out today what that present will be!!!

it's really too bad she wouldn't let us put up a post for yesterday.... it could have been some of my finest work. oh well. there's always mother's day, right around the corner!

Chris said...

There is an upside to this misery. After April 15th working 8 hour days feels like part time. Only 25 days left!

Amanda Pope said...

Why do we choose to continue in such a profession! Two days ago was my first time that I had time to add to your birthday blog! And get this, in our office because of the September 15th deadline, we have to get time off in August specially approved! Now they are taking away my summer!

carrie said...

You are a trooper. Just think...when tax season is over winter will be done and there will be nice warm weather waiting for you. We will have to go on lots of nice long hikes!

By the way, you are not the only one who snoozes 1 hour past their alarm. Dave does this every, single, morning.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I love you so much. You are a character in the truest sense of the word. Life is never dull when you are around. I've never seen someone more dedicated to helping their kids and grandkids in anyway humanly possible. You have always been a great example to me of love and service. I love you so much!!!