For some years now I have really tried to forget my Birthday. The fact that it falls in the heat of tax season coupled with my dislike of reminding myself that yet another year has flown by without the acquisition of either a husband, children, significant pay/position raise or a new hairstyle might also contribute to my reluctance to observe such a day.

Anyway, for whatever reason, each year without fail my sweet sister Carrie makes an overthetop effort to do something special even though I make it as hard as possible for her to do so. One year, when she was engagged to be marred to one DP Denham the first, I arrived home from a long day at work to find "a few/all of my favorite things" on my counter and in my fridge. They had bought cookies, candy, ice cream chocolates, flowers, and put diet Pepsi in my fridge. They drove all the way from Denver just to deposit such goodies.

Once again she did it this year. Here are some excerpts of the many emails she sent to me last week (this was after last Sunday night when she said any time, anything, she would meet me, come here, etc.):

email #1:
I love celebrating your birthday. Any word on the huge projects that you didn't have the info for yet?
How do you think this weekend will shape up? Or is it too early to tell? Well, turns out this weekend is a little more booked than I knew. Friday night we have another $52.80 dinner planned, and Saturday night there is a birthday party for Kim and Jim's youngest. I supposed Saturday day is totally out. What about Sunday? I could have Rand's fam up to mom & dad's and I could do dinner no problem. Or we could just do a smaller group - you, me, dad, dave - in Boulder so you don't have to drive too far.

email #2
Let me know what you think. We don't HAVE to celebrate this weekend, but we do HAVE to celebrate. So let me know what might work for you.Sorry Saturday night doesn't work. How about Sunday night with just you, me and dad (and maybe Dave) after your massage? That way I can bring dinner to dad...something I like to do when mom is gone anyway.
If that doesn't work b/c you need a little down time I TOTALLY understand. I just thought I would give it one last ditch try. ;) We don't even have to talk about your birthday...we can just talk about how awkward it will be for dad when he cousin comes to visit. Ha ha.

And again:
It is finally starting to warm up - it is supposed to be SIXTY on Saturday. If you could swing it - it would be fun to do a hike?! I could come to your office for a little break?

So thanks Carrie Sue. You are the best. I love you and your Lewis [or maybe it is Crane] tenacity.


carrie said...

You sly devil...I can't belive you got this up before I posted my birthday tribute!

The reason I love celebrating your birthday so much is BECAUSE no one spoils people more on their birthdays than YOU!


Missy said...

I completely agree with Carrie about Laura being easy to talk to. I fondly remember a rainy afternoon in Brooklyn sitting in Sara's hallway for hours talking while the kids ran wild around us. Thanks for being a great sister in law to one of my favorite brothers, and for being such a great person to know and admire. Happy Birthday!

sara said...

i really wish i were close by, too, to celebrate your birthday. you know what i'd do? i'd get 20 our closest friends to dress in all black and run into your bedroom at 4 am to spray you with water guns.

ah, the good old days.

I LOVE YOU!!!! even if you don't want to celebrate your b-day.

ps: are you turning into dad?