The Night Nomad

It's 7.30 AM and I just woke up for the day. Thought you might enjoy a sampling of what a night in life of Sara is like:

1. Fell asleep on C's bed in between C and S. Struggled out about 2 hours later when I couldn't take the claustrophobic feeling anymore, and headed to my bed to join Travis.

2. A couple hours later, S woke up and came in to us, scared. I rolled to the middle (how do I ALWAYS end up in the middle?) and she climbed in. We slept until...

3. C came in whimpering. He was scared, and clearly the space limitations were being met in our bed, so I got up and joined him back where I had started. About 30 minutes later...

4. Oz woke up. I went in and nursed him, and went back to C's bed.

5. Oz woke up again about 4 hours later, so I fed him again and went back to C's bed.

6. I then woke up around 6 when I heard Travis getting up to leave, but managed to force myself back to sleep until 7.10, when Oz woke up.

There have been many nights where I climb into S's bed, but this one is in Oz's room and I don't sleep well when I hear every little sound he makes.

If someone had told me in my early 20's that I would get up and feel functional after a night like this, I never would have believed them. The crazy thing is, last night wasn't nearly as bad as it can get. At least no one threw up!


Janice said...

Oh I so feel your pain. That sounds like a normal night in our house. A young mom with one baby asked me at church the other day, "So when do kids start sleeping through the night?" I looked at her and said, "I'll let you know." My oldest is 8 and he still comes in to "chat" at 2:00 am.

carrie said...

This post would have been more helpful to me BEFORE i got pregnant.

I'm never going to survive.

Yah Yah said...

You forgot to add that you squeezed in a BLOG POST at 4:50 am. Was this done while nursing Oz? No wonder the kid is a giant if he is doing multiple feeding during the night. Poor Sara, no one needs/loves/ and prioritizes sleep in the family more than you and here you are in this situation.

carrie said...

I'd have to throw myself in the race for one who prioritizes/loves sleep most in the family. I've been logging 10 hours per night as of late.

Anonymous said...

You don't know me, but I know your sister Carrie from our old singles ward. Anyway, I too am totally amazed at how well I can function after not sleeping. I have two boys... 2 1/2 and a 6mo.old. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever sleep more then five hours in a row ever again???
You Lewis girls have a great blog. Sometimes I laugh out loud reading it!!!
ps I have a question about the vanilla beans in sugar? How many? How long? Do you use that sugar for all baking? cookies, cakes, etc.? I'm intrigued!!!

Tania said...

This sounds just like my nights - only they end 2 hours sooner since my kids are up before the chickens (oh, and that darn seminary thing!)

My parents have a hard time sleeping now that they are getting older. I think it totally sucks, that when your kids grow up and move out and you can finally get some sleep, your body betrays you and wakes you up after 4 hours. So rude.