Random Things

It is Friday morning and I just can't start working yet probably due to the fact that at 3 am I was working from home on a tax return and my computer locked up. When I got in this morning the tax return that I had entered all of the client's information was BLANK.

Here are some tid bits from the life of Suzie CPA at KBVN

1 - At this time of year random things occur around the office. To name just a few:
- There was a papertowel with about 15 plain M&M's in a straight light on top of the microwave for about 3 days.
- There was a package of 3 crackers on a filing cabinet in the file room
- The bowl of M&M's was in the refrigerator
- One of the shareholders opened the empty office to retrieve his Mtn bike for a ride only to find another staff accountant on the air mattress napping in the afternoon
- The concierge took someone's $5,000 suit and winter jacket to the dry cleaners and give him the receipt. The concierge was then "sick" [it is her spring break] on the day it was to be picked up. The staff accountant looked at the slip which had no name, phone number, or address for where the dry cleaning was. He looked up dry cleaners w/in walking distance and spent time at lunch "looking for his dry cleaning".
- There was one Advil by the pencil sharpener
- Dave's brother's dog Danny severed all the tendons in his right paw. Dave's wife and kids went to Utah for the week so Danny has been an unpaid observer at KBVN for 14 plus hours every day this week.

2 - On the way to work on Wednesday I was driving on a 40 mph street that is notorious for having cops. I thought "I better be careful" and looked at my speedometer which read 45 mph. Then I passed 2 motorcycle cops and one in a car sitting on a side street. I thought "sheesh, thank goodness I wasn't speeding". Then much to my chagrin one of the motorcycles pulled out and turned on his lights. I expected him to pass me and grab someone else but nope, he wanted me. As he approached me I said "I just looked at my speedometer and it said 45mph". He replied "well, the girl standing at the light looked at us and indicated your were going 50mph". I thought "what girl standing at the light" and "since when do the fuzz use girls at lights to nab law abiding citizens"?? He came back with my ticket and said, as if he was doing me a favor, "I knocked it down to 49 mph which is only a 1 pt ticket and $100". I know he did this b/c "that girl at the light" was just plain wrong.

3 - Got my $139 refund check from the Colorado Dept of Revenue in the mail today and you know what? $100 of that goes right back to the state for my ticket.

Okay, I feel a bit better, now back to making money by counting other people's money just so I can spend that money on speeding tickets.


Natalee said...

Bad luck with the ticket! and since when can a cop use a "girl at a light" as proof of speeding? I would fight that one in court. Ridiculoso.

carrie said...

total bummer about the ticket!!!

sara said...

poor yah yah. you have the worst traffic luck of anyone i know.

you should start doing random things around the office too, and see if anyone notices. you could really have fun with it! i like the m&m's all lined up, and then abandoned. bizarre.

Mom said...

Sorry about the ticket Yah Yah! Ouch!

BTW where did you get it, since I go on roadway Mon. and Weds. to my weight lifting/pilates class???

mom said...

I mean I go on Broadway. Don't know what happened to the B??