Sunday evening

Here's what was going on at our house tonight (so Travis doesn't feel like he's missing anything while getting 2 hour massages and facials in Korea).

S has taken up jumping rope lately. It's the perfect post-surgery activity, wouldn't you agree? She's been jumping about 50 minutes per day, I'd estimate. She had just been reading her latest issue of Zoobooks (thank you Brian and Amy!), about lions, which had shown her how to make a lion mask. So I looked over and she was jumping rope in her lion mask, while wearing her typical Sunday outfit. She just keeps taking things off after church until she's only wearing her tights.

Life with her: It's never dull.


carrie said...


oz looks quite entertained as well.

Janice said...

It is moments like those and we will miss when our children are raised.

Nana said...

You never know what that cute little twerp will come up with. She is so fun to be around because she gets such a huge kick out of everything.