What's the point?

About a month ago I swore off desserts (due to my 1pm, 4pm & 8pm daily sugar cravings). I've resisted temptation every day but one the past 3 weeks...and was feeling quite pleased with myself. Then on Wednesday night I attended a family birthday party. I said no to the cookies, 2 ice cream cakes, and several tubs of ice cream. Then, I sat and watched my family members indulge. Logically I know they weren't closing their eyes in delight while licking their spoons in slow motion, but it felt that way. So on the drive home, I opened the container of left over pasta salad and started eating it. Dave said "What are you doing? We just had dinner." I defensively replied "But, I didn't get any dessert!"

So upon closer inspection - what have I gained? I’m eating the same number of calories as everyone else...but I’m just getting stuck with pasta salad for dessert?


Dave said...

Think if all the cavities you are avoiding.

sara said...

we are on completely different ends of the spectrum right now. i had no taste for sweets while pregnant, but now that i'm nursing, i can't get enough. i'm having like four cookies after every meal. i'm sure all my baby weight is just going to disappear on it's own, at the rate i'm going!

Christina said...

hmmmm. i see your point! i totally do that. i'll start dieting & cutting out certain things, yet i'm still eating tons! i say just EAT! :)

Mom said...

1. The Lewis children don't have any cavities. So no worries there.
2. Sara deserves sweets after her awful pregnacy and horrific delivery. Plus while I was in NY I saw 34 pounds disappear off her in less than 3 weeks and she is back walking and doing Tae bo. So no worries there.
3. Carrie you have an amazing body and look stunning in everything you wear. So no worries there.
So eat up ladies and enjoy life. Remember "Life is uncertain. So eat dessert first."

carrie said...

mom you are so cute. i love you!