Happy Birthday Carrie!

28 short years ago, my life forever changed when Carrie Sue Lewis Denham was brought home from the hospital in a pink tie-dyed outfit with a hippo on it. She was the cutest baby I'd ever seen... at least until my own babies were born.

I practically raised her (REARED her, in case my mom reads this post) by myself. Or so I like to claim. Since I was 5 and 3/4, I probably didn't actually do all that much, but I like to think I had something to do with the shaping and molding of Carrie's fine personality.

And so, in honor of Carrie's birthday, a few highlights from our life together:

1. The many, many times we played Barbies together (after which Carrie was routinely threatened that if she told any of my friends, I would beat her up).

2. Catching Carrie lying about brushing her teeth... and cheating at Uno... and framing me by coloring on her own doll. This list is endless. Let's just say it's a miracle she turned into an honest woman.

3. Having Carrie be the center of attention at most of my birthday parties.

4. Dressing Carrie up in "fashionable" outfits and taking photos of her, while pretending I was a fashion photographer.

5. Mentoring Carrie as I painted a table for Laura's apartment (I liked to constantly remind her that I was the master and she was the lowly apprentice).

6. Making jokes at the Samsonite outlet while a very non-amused saleslady tried to help our mom purchase a new suitcase.

7. Listening to her crazy stories about working at the cemetary, while wondering how sunburned her face could get before it exploded.

8. Taking her TPing with my friends in high school.

9. Cheering her on at all her sporting events... as loudly and obnoxiously as possible.

and my all time favorite Carrie memory:

10. The time we decided to snowboard down the hill behind our parents' house. This one warrants a post all its own, which I may or may not get around to doing this week.

Happy Birthday Carrie! I love you so much, and promise to forever lead you in fashion till the day I die.



Chris Gustavson said...

First things first - how the heck do you post photos in the MIDDLE of your entries?

But even more important - happy birthday Carrie! Um, I think the last time we talked was when I was about 12 years old, but I do remember you being so cute and I loved our days at HiMar swim club!

Sara honey - I am so glad that you commented on my site. You are my Miyagi, and I am your grasshopper. Please do continue to share your mentoring with me and make me the online journaler (I refuse to say blog*ger) that I am destined to be.

Love you guys!

TippettsFam said...

what a fantastic picture!!!! you are SO cute in your poofy polka-dot sleeved dress... SO great! and i love that your middle name is sue!! totally random question, but did you know that i am a lewis too (can't remember if we've ever had this conversation before.)? maybe our lines cross somewhere back along that long line of crazy lewis' ..........oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hope it was a good one!

Dave said...

That was a picture taken of Carrie on our first date in 2001. At first I was taken aback because I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, but her spunky attitude and sense of humor won me over.

Happy Birthday Carrie.

zepner said...

happy birthday Carrie, from Zvi

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday, Carrie Sue!!

liz said...

my sister pulled the same threat about playing barbies with me.

Mom said...

Don't let Dave kid you. That photo was taken this year when Carrie (in Sara's prom dress) and Dave dressed up. Was it Halloween or just a Church dance?? Anyway you should see the photo of Dave and what he looked like.

"Happy Birthday--Carrie Sue
I Love You."

You came into this world happy, sparkling, and tons of fun. What a joy it has been to REAR (good job Sara) you and have you in our family. It took your father and I 6 years to get you, but you were definately worth the wait.
Mom (and of course Dad)

How fun to read comments from Chris Gus and Caroline, part of our extended family.

carrie said...

lead me in fashion - where were you when I was between the ages of 13-18?

What about the time I colored all over your school project - and so you chased me and I locked myself in the bathroom. You banged on the door for a while, and then things got really quiet. Next thing I know, you had cut off my minnie mouse ears and were sliding them under the bathroom door.

Or how about my Freshman year of college when I would come over every Sunday night for dinner - and then fall asleep for 4 hours. You were so good to me, sorry I was always SO tired.

Or what about jumping on the trampoline in Switzerland?

Yes - we have had some great times together. Thanks for the post. I love you Sara! You have been a fabulous mentor / master / boss.

And thanks EVERYONE for the Birthday wishes.

Chris - HiMar was wonderful...if only for the pizza they made, and I ate every day.
Zvi and Caroline - you are both fabulous. Help make the west fabulous...I can promise lots of skiing and watching of old Choir videos.
Leslie - I didn't know you were a Lewis...maybe that helps explain why I like you so much!
Liz - would you like to play barbies with me this afternoon?
Mom - you are too cute for words...best mom in the world!

sara said...

that minnie mouse story is pure fiction. like i said in my post, HONESTY issues! you told that story so much you actually believed it was true. i merely THREATENED to cut them off, i didn't actually do it.

that trampoline in the swiss alps... i forgot about that. that was one of the best days of my life. especially since i nearly died on the train ride to switzerland. i was so happy to have a new lease on life.

i wanna play barbies with you and liz.