A Sign of Things to Come

Last Sunday I was in C’s primary class (have I mentioned the separation anxiety problem? It’s getting old.) and the kids were deciding where to sit. An adorable blonde girl said, “I get to sit by C!” and headed over to his side of the table, just as a brunette sat in the chair next to him. The blonde fell apart and started sobbing, and I pointed out to the brunette that Chloe had said first that she wanted to sit next to C. So unhappily the brunette moved to the next chair, and immediately put her head on the table and began to cry. C was completely unaware of all the drama unfolding around him.

They are only 4 years old. What am I in for when he’s a teenager? Yikes.


carrie said...

yea, that kid is going to be a heart breaker. 1. his hair 2. his darling face 3. his great skin 4. his comedy skills, he is already funnier than plenty of adults 5. very difficult to impress 6. his eye roll 7. when you do get his attention, that smile is worth any song or dance it takes

madschill said...

just remember, he is already betrothed to Leah!

sara said...

believe me, i remember! i've already picked out the first few pictures for their slide show. i think we'll kick it off with the one of them in the double stroller.