Unpacking Update

So apparently I've found a new tool for manipulating my darling husband. Within hours of my unpacking post, Travis read it and unpacked yesterday afternoon. I guess the shame of having all 3 readers of this blog know that he still hadn't unpacked was motivation enough to do it.

The irony of it all is that it probably would have taken me far less time to unpack for him than to take the photos, download them, and write the blog entry.


Janice said...

Yes, but blogging about it so much more fun. Good luck surviving the last little bit of your pregnancy.

Lindsey said...

ha, ha!

At least he reads your blog. You'd think reading my blog is like have surgery without anesthesia for my hubby. :)

I do the same thing. Only we're talking MONTHS.

di said...

what is the baby status?
my friend delivered her first on monday--11 pds. 4 oz. yikes!
good luck!
di (diane--boulder)