He's Back

After half a week in California, 2.5 weeks in Moscow, Shang-hi, Seoul and Tokyo, and 1 week in Brazil, the world traveler is finally back. There’s a good chance he’ll be going to India at the end of May, but for now he’s all ours again.

While I’ve been taking care of both kids and lugging around our 3rd (and the 40 extra pounds he’s added to my belly), Travis has been living the high life. Some samples of things he’s said in the past 24 hours:

“Man, my fingers really hurt from that manicure I got yesterday.”

“This is the picture from when we got free 15 minute massages on the roof and then went hot tubbing. This was definitely the worst massage of my trip.”

“I’m so sick of eating at 5 star restaurants.”

“Here’s a photo of the spa where we got 60 minute massages for 7 dollars.”

“I’m so exhausted. I’ve really been paying for things with my body.”

Excuse me? Have you seen MY body lately? He might be jet-lagged, but there is no chance the skin on my stomach will ever go back to normal. You know what we've been eating for the last month? Mac and cheese. Or anything that takes a minimal amount of cooking and cleaning up. Guess how many massages I've had in the last month? NONE. I did get a manicure and pedicure, but only because my mom is visiting.

Luckily he brought me back these 2 pairs of shoes from Brazil, both of which miraculously fit my massively swollen feet. Suchin, an MTV VJ who was traveling with Travis, picked out the fabulous lace-patterned jelly shoes for me. I’m planning to throw one at him every time he makes an obnoxious statement like the ones above.


em said...

So I'm getting so excited to have a new little stratford in the world! These shoes are so great! I need Travis to do all of my shopping. I don't think I really understand what he's been up to. Maybe you can email me more. Tonight we had dinner at Rachel's with she and Richard and Victoria and it was wonderful.
You are such a great writer - your whole funny personality comes across and I love it. Thank you for sharing the funny stories with us!

scout said...

jeff and I are laughing out loud

liz said...

that photo of him is so Lost in Translation- love it

Lindsey said...

Okay...if I had known he was going to Brazil, I would have asked him to bring me back some of those Havaianas! They are seriously my fave. And super cheap when you get them whilst in Brazil.

You are so funny. That bag rocks.

Bekah said...

I love the black flats. Congrats on #3. What an oddly small world. Saw your guest blog on DesignMom.
xoxo, bekah
ps, we're going to Japan for a year! Yikes! I need a new wardrobe that doesn't shout so-cal slacker mom.