Horse Camp

We’ve signed up S for horse camp in Utah this summer. She’s finally old enough to go... we’ve been waiting for this since her first riding lesson at age 3. The hours of the camp are from 9-3 for three days. Here is the conversation that took place a few days ago:

“So when I’m at horse camp, I’m going to need a new sleeping bag, and maybe a tent since I’ll be out in the pasture with the horses all night.”

“Babe, you don’t actually sleep in the pasture. It’s just a day camp.”

“I thought I would be sleeping with the horses.”

She’s so literal. Never in a million years would I have guessed that in her 7 year old mind, she thought horse camp meant camping out with horses. But it makes perfect sense! The best part is that she was totally up for it. She definitely knew her parents wouldn’t be sleeping out with her, so I have to wonder if she thought she’d be doing it all alone, or with other campers. I have a feeling that either way, she would have been up for the challenge.


scout said...

I love scout!!!

Design Mom said...

I need more info on horse camp. Maude has been asking for something like this. And we are taking our first ever extended trip to Utah. . .