Things I'm Glad I'm Not Doing Right Now

Whenever I see people unloading a moving truck, I think to myself, “Man, I’m glad I’m not moving today.” I really like to appreciate when I don’t have to do things that I hate. I couldn’t believe how many times yesterday I thought that about different things that people I know are doing. Here’s a sampling:

My friend Ashley, who is due 1 month before me, went into labor. I went over to collect her kids and as I walked out I was thinking, “I am SO glad I’m not in labor right now.” That’s how you know I’m not miserable enough yet. I know in two weeks I’ll be crying if someone else is in labor and I’m not. But I still have a slew of things to do to get ready, like getting a crib and a dresser and diapers. Plus I’d like to paint a couple of walls in my house and hang a bunch of pictures. This might be overambitious, but I at least should have a vibrating bouncy seat on hand when the baby comes. And does anyone know of cool rocking chair I could buy?

Then I talked to my husband on the phone. He’s on a trip around the world, and despite a nasty sinus infection is having the time of his life. All I could think while we were talking is, “I can't believe how happy I am that I don’t have to sit on an airplane right now. My feet would be so swollen I wouldn’t be able to walk, not to mention how uncomfortable I’d be. I don't even think my body would fit in the airplane bathrooms.” Someday I might be up for a trip like that, but definitely not at this stage of pregnancy.

And late last night, my next door neighbor (who I adore) came over. Her mom is in Australia and she’s going on a class trip today to Washington, and needed make up tips for a big dance they’re having the last night of the trip (she’s 14). Obviously she didn’t come to the right person for make up instruction, but I did the best I could to help her figure out what goes where. She was telling me that a lot of the kids had purchased Sharpies, and were planning on decorating their classmates who had been up late the night before, and wanted to sleep on the 6 hour bus ride to Washington. And this time, I just said it out loud: “I am SO THRILLED I don't have to chaperone your class trip to Washington!” The days of me being on a school bus with a bunch of teenagers are hopefully over forever. The field trip specialist of Marie Murphy Jr. High has officially retired.


carrie said...

I'm glad I'm not camping right now. It has been lovely weather in Denver. It was 60 degrees when Dave and I went to sleep last night. But I woke up this morning to 7 inches of snow in the CITY. I bet there are a lot of spring break campers right now hating life.

Design Mom said...

So fun to have you over this afternoon. I wish I could have talked you into staying for dinner. We ended up making french toast and it was yummy.

Good luck with the wheat grass!

sara said...

i forgot one. when tania was flying to australia with three kids (2 under the age of three) i thought for the ENTIRE 24 hours she was on the plane (at least the part of that 24 hours i wasn't sleeping), "I am so glad i'm not tania right now!" man. that had to be one brutal flight...

em said...

I do that all the time! Recently one of my friends told me she was going to get an IUD put in and all i thought was - THANK GOODNESS ITS NOT ME! I love my doctor, but I have never wanted to punch someone in the face so badly. The other thing that gets me on that is anytime anyone is pregnant! HA HA HA! So pretty much anytime I think of you I think, "thank goodness that's not me..."
Love you!