Room for Rent????

It is 12 am on a Monday night and I can't stop thinking about those 10 inches of snow piled up on my deck and steps. I have two options, dawn my blunnies, pull on my coat, leave my cozy coup and shovel now in the dark or wake up earlier and do it before work. For those of you who know me, I have one option; I pull on my boots.

Now let me make something clear, I LOVE LIVING alone but as I am shoveling the snow I started to think about some of the drawbacks to living alone. Here are just a few:
  1. The VCR stops working for some reason. I look at myself and say "where did you put that user's manual?" I look at myself and say, "I'm not sure but I am positive I kept it".
  2. During a particularly witty episode of the Office I look around to share my moment of mirth with…. the picture of the family at Sara's wedding sitting on the piano. Everyone is smiling so I'm sure they think it is funny too.
  3. Suddenly I can no longer connect to the internet. I call the Comcast people and they determine the modem isn't operable but luckily they can send someone out first thing in the morning.
    - Me: "Excellent what time?"
    - Comcast: "Sometime between 8am and 12".
    - Me: "great I'll just leave the door unlocked".
    - Comcast: "No, someone needs to be there".
    Perfect, except the fact that I have a fulltime job.
  4. The alarm goes off Sunday morning alerting me to the fact that I need to get to church and lead the primary kids in song. I turn off the alarm and open my eyes FIVE HOURS later.
  5. I hate the useless fan and light mounted above my stove. Feeling Maytagmanish, I unscrew the screws fastening it to the cupboards above and jimmy it out of its spot. Blast, there is a chord attaching it that goes into the wall. I yank the chord and drywall begins to crumble down so I grab the scissors and attempt to cut the wires. Looks like I need wire cutters [as if!], so I turn to my trusty Cutco knife. The sawing begins and suddenly there is a spark and a shock through my hand and all the lights go out.

    Yep, sometimes living alone isn't all that it is cracked up to be which is why I am so glad that I don't!!!

    Before heading out to shovel tonight my phone rang and it was my mom."I just wanted to make sure you got home okay. I can't go to bed until I know you are safe."

    I called dad Sunday night and asked if he was available for a date with the Comcast guy the next day. Without hesitation he was willing to sequester 4 hours of his day to help me out.

    Tuesday after a full day at the temple mom drops by with 3 freshly baked chocolate chip cookies she gets from the Temple - "sweet, now I don't have to cook dinner"

    Thursday while at work I talk to dad who asks if I shoveled before work [snow again Weds night]. "Nope, I had to be here for staff meeting so I'll do it when I get home". The steps and deck are clear when I return home.

    Thanks mom and dad. You are the best "remote roommates" a daughter could have. I LOVE YOU.


Michemily said...

You woke up five hours later!? I just hope it wasn't the primary program that day!

sara said...

oh yes, you are a lucky lady.

i was on the phone with mom on monday and she mentioned that dad was getting ready to take your car in for service. i think i whimpered with jealousy.

Rachel said...

Lucky! What I would give for 5 consecutive hours of sleep!! And I was justed called to be the Primary President here in Connecticut and we really need a new Chorister, forgetting about the whole alarm thing I think you would be great for the job! We could solve each others problems! I could get more sleep and a great chorister and trust me there would be no room to rent!

carrie said...

you are so funny. this post cracked me up.

i'm in boulder tonight. mom and dad got home from the temple, and dad immediately got in the car to drive over to your house to shovel your walk.

what a saint.

i wish you lived closer and i could send dave over to fix stuff for you. what on earth are you doing cutting live wires? even i know not to do that!!!

em said...

Its funny because I don't think anyone else has the same relationship with our parents as you and I do. In all the things we lack this is one to be very grateful for. I had my wisdom teeth out last week and my dad was the best. He is even the one who bought me a shake.

While there are scheduling issues and even the random laughing alone (i can totally relate to your office experience) we are very lucky to have the relationship with our parents that the other kids don't.

Next time when something's funny of the office don't look around - just call me! xo