Parent Teacher conference

I teared up during my conference with Scout's teacher yesterday. Seriously. I nearly cried with joy. Not since Kindergarten has she had a teacher that "got" her... all the wonderful, marvelous, fun, crazy, exuberant things that make my daughter special. This one does. As she sat there gushing about how much joy Scout brings with her to school every day, I felt my eyes burning. And then when she read to me excerpts from Scout's writing journal, I could barely contain myself. Her verbal prowess at such a young age is incredible. She was using alliteration, simile, all kinds of figurative language... and when we got home and she read me some entries herself, she KNEW what she was doing. It was intentional. She even knew what the techniques were called.

She has truly blossomed this year. She loves to read, and every night whines when I tell her to turn off the lights and go to sleep (she really lucks out a couple nights per week when I accidentally fall asleep with Calder and she can read as late as she wants). Her math skills are improving, and her attitude is outstanding. And to discover this new talent of hers, and ability to express herself and entertain people with what she's created, was a very unexpected thing. I kept thinking all during the conference how glad I was that we moved, drama-filled though it was, so she could have this teacher and be in a school where she can flourish. And at the end of the conference her teacher said to me, "I'm so glad you moved here so I could teach Scout!" 

It was such a nice treat to go and meet with her. And now, back to the Ward Christmas party. 


Yah Yah said...

Can you post the journal on the blog? Let's add her as a contributor? So sweet dad went down to get a battery for the swatch which you will have in a couple of days. So I guess it isn't just me he and mom coddle. I wish I could hang out with Scout every single day also. She is a unique and delightful peep.

carrie said...

i love her.

em said...

That's the sweetest thing I've ever heard. I'm so glad that she's loving reading and writing as much as you. What an incredible talent to pick up from you! I second the teacher... If you'd move here I'd want to teach Scout. She's such an incredible girl. I've said it since she was born and I'll say it again - she's the perfect mix of you and Trav. I just feel lucky to be related to her.