Today I straightened my hair.

I know. You're thrilled, right? You're thinking, "Maybe that hiatus from blogging wasn't such a bad thing. Maybe Sara's lost her touch."

But no. The reason I tell you this is because it's an integral part of my Halloween costume... I know you're all dying to see what I'm dressing up as this year. Our whole family came up with a costume idea, and then in the eleventh hour, Scout changed her mind. So now she's the only one who isn't going with the theme, and there goes my idea for a clever New Year's card (which usually is sent out sometime in March... because that's how I roll.)

Anyway, the other reason I tell you about my hair is because I think I'm going to have to blow it dry every day from now until summer. This is the reason why:
Our new house came equipped with a boiler attached to an in-demand water heater. You've heard of them, right? They're great for the environment! They only heat the water you NEED... and, as it turns out, it's also good for the earth because you take the shortest showers imaginable because your water is anything but hot. The only way I can figure out to warm up after my shower is to blow out my hair... a process so demanding and physical I always end up sweating by the time it's finally dry.

A couple days ago I confronted the situation head on: "Travis, we have to talk about the hot water situation. If I have to take one more lukewarm shower I'm going to die." We had been dancing around the subject for almost 2 weeks. Things like, "Maybe we can turn up the heat level?" "Maybe it's broken?" "Maybe someone needs to come and service the boiler?" I think we've finally come to the conclusion that we're going to have to buy a traditional water heater and redo the plumbing to the upstairs. Travis and I are simply not people who can tolerate chilly showers.

I'm not going to lie to you: It's a bit of a bummer. But at least we don't have termites.*

*We do have crickets, but I'll save that for another post. I'll try to not make it part of the Halloween post, but believe me, these crickets are SCARY.


carrie said...

yikes. nothing worse than a cold shower. except maybe a cold bath. nana had a few of those when she was staying with us...

Janice said...

I want to see pictures.

Bekah said...

I've read that if you have a normal-bigger size house, you probably need more than one of those beauties. Like one for the kitchen and one for the bathrooms. They have to be close to where you use the water.

Amanda P said...

Wow, Sara, three posts in a row! Whatever Carrie said to you must have really worked. Now maybe I'll have Carrie say something to my sisters! Sara, we live in an old building and our water temperature is all over the place depending on if they've turned the boiler on in the basement! What a pain! Asher really feels for you because he apparently really hates a luke warm baby bath.

Angela said...

Are they the crickets that look like spiders? We have them too, and they are scary! I always have visitors when I go to do the laundry in the basement. UGH!!