Walk...scratch that...RUN to your nearest LIME restaurant.

Look at how happy we are:

We are in a state of tortilla chip induced ecstasy. I'm not kidding people. The tortilla chips are out of this world. Actually, it feels like a crime to even refer to them as tortilla chips because they are SO much better than that. And the real beauty of it all? The chips and salsa are FREE! What is to stop Brig and I from going to lime, grabbing a table, and eating the free chips ALL DAY LONG EVERY DAY?

I ate there Wednesday.
I've waited a full day.
That's long enough.
I'm going there for lunch tomorrow.


Christina said...

mmmm.... my mouth is watering. i will come with you! :) it is extra tempting now that i know there is one closer by.

The Scadden Family Adventures said...

I 100% agree that Lime has the best chips and salsa.
That is making me hungry.

Mark said...

I thought you were living in Denver, the picture at Lime looks like girls you'd find at a Shade party in Utah County.

mom Lewis said...

It is absolutely true!!! Carrie lured me to Denver today to eat chips and salsa at Limes and they are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. We have now found our new favorite Mexican place.

Of course motoring down to see cute sweet little Brig was an extra incentive.

Yah Yah said...

I would run anywhere if I could.

Wow, so Brig has jumped from breatmilk straight to chips and salsa?

If there was any question he wasn't from you and DAve, this totally clinches it.