Once again, Ace Young has rocked my world.

I heard a few weeks ago that Ace was starring as Kenike in Grease on Broadway... and guess who wanted to go and see it? None other than the woman who practically raised him, Kathleen Lewis. I don't have to remind you people what I've been up against, right? The lawsuit, the moving, the ward party, Halloween costume sewing (rather art directing, as technically it was Amy who did the actual sewing), and planning a VERY belated b-day party for Calder. I've been running around Westchester county (and even ventured to NJ for a torturous day at Ikea) like crazy, while Nana has been babysitting. The least I could do was accompany her into the city on a Thursday evening to watch [what should have been] her 5th child on Broadway.

Everyone who knows me well will tell you: I'm not the biggest fan of NYC. I like it for an hour or two, but the hassle of getting in and out and dealing with all the people and traffic is often too much for my delicate psyche. I put off buying the tickets, secretly hoping she would forget about it and let me off the hook. I just wanted to stay home and rest. But finally on Wednesday morning, she put her foot down and the tickets were purchased (along with an attempted bribe for new black boots if I went with her. She didn't go for it... since she's buying the tickets.) We didn't have enough time to contact Ace's dad for the promised "tour of the theater" after, since they were bought just 1 day before. This was okay with me; I had already decided at best I'd get to bed by 1 that night. A tour of the theater sounded like it could push back this time by at least an hour. No thank you.

We decided at the last minute to drive instead of taking the train. A 6.30 departure time had been discussed, but during dinner Nana got distracted while telling every minute detail of Ace's life to Travis, and our time got pushed back to 6.45. We barely made it to the show on time.

But what a show it was! I was skeptical at first... but Ace was phenomenal. For reals, people. He can sing! He can dance! Wow, can he dance. He was by far the best one on the stage; the only one I wanted to watch. I'd get bored during the all girl numbers. He was super fabulous during the Greased Lightning number. I wanted to place a call to Simon Cowell to tell him he'd been wrong about Ace. I seriously think he was born to be a star.

I would have been satisfied to call it a night and head home after the show, but ooooooh no. As we were walking out one of the stage hands told another group that if they waited outside of the doors, all the stars would come out eventually, "even Ace." So guess who got to stand in the FREEZING COLD waiting for Ace to show up? 

I struck up a conversation with the groupies standing next to us to pass the time... and Nana started bragging to them about how she "taught Ace everything he knew" and how she'd "known him her whole life." Vaguely embarrassing, but then the guy guarding the stage door came out and our new best friends called him over, proclaiming that mom was basically his long lost mentor. The security guy gave her a bit of a hard time, and finally said he would take her name back to Ace. The name she sent back? "Sister Lewis!" He crossed himself and asked if she was a nun. Then he left, only to return a few minutes later saying Ace didn't know her. Ah, that part was uncomfortable. I think the people standing next to us thought she was a crazy person, but then the gleam in the guard's eye revealed something else. He was giving her a hard time, and had just forgotten her name so came back to get it. Again, "Sister Lewis. Sister Kathleen Lewis!"

Almost immediately the man returned and pointed at her, yelling, "YOU'RE IN!" It was not unlike the Price is Right; everyone around us cheered and Mom and I sprinted around the crowd to the opening in the gates. Then the man stopped, held up his hand at me, and said, "Just her!" Oops. I slunk away but Nana yelled, "SHE'S MY DAUGHTER!" (I really wish she had yelled, "Not without my daughter!!!" but I was still stoked she didn't throw me to the wolves. I was freezing.) So he caved and let me in... it must've been clear we were related because we were basically wearing the same grey coat from H&M. The only difference being I opted to not wear mine with Ugg boots and black exercise pants (which Nana claims looks exactly like silk). 

Ace was excited (or is as good an actor as he is a singer) to see Mom. He gave her a big hug, and then bequeathed one on me, pretending to remember me. He was super nice and friendly and joking around with us, and I even got this great shot of them standing on the stage with the seats behind:

I'm not exactly sure why her eyes are closed. It's not like my iPhone has a flash or anything... but still. At least Ace looks hot.

At this point, I was getting a tad uncomfortable and suggested we move our party outside, since there were tons of other people out there freezing to death in hopes of getting a glimpse of Ace up close. I lead them outside, Mom still talking a mile a minute. As we walked out the door, I went first, then Nana, who proclaimed loudly with a grand gesture, "HERE HE IS!" It was hilarious... one of those moments that plays over and over again in your head and starts you laughing. She really was the one who gave him his first break, allowing him a dancing role alongside Carrie in the ward roadshow.

I must include this part to stroke Carrie's ego. While we were talking to him, Mom jokingly referred to how she taught him everything he knows while training him for the roadshow. And Ace said, "And Carrie was the one who taught me how to get beat by a girl in basketball!" Do you love it Carrie? Are you glowing right now as you read this?

In summary, a great time was had by all. We laughed, we cried (I'm pretty sure Mom teared up at several moments during the evening...); it was better than Cats. Way, way better than Cats. And I only swore one time on the drive in, despite horrendous traffic both ways. Truly a success.


carrie said...

that picture might just be the funniest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

i can't believe I wasn't there.

Kathleen/Mom/Nana said...

A slight correction. Since I am a tad older than Ace, I HAVE NOT known him my whole life---just HIS WHOLE LIFE.

He really was AMAZING!!!!!!!!

He truly was the best one in the show and got the most applause. When I told him that, he humbly said, "Do you really think so?"

He REALLY is a very
nice young man and I am very excited for him, obviously.

Sara and I had a great time, and yes the traffic in NYC is horrific even at 11:30 p.m.-to midnight when we got home in Scarsdale.


Mom said...

BTW I still know how to do the "hand-jive", and Sara had to restrain me from doing it along with the cast.

Hilma Bellessa said...

I'm not sure why I waste my time with the stratfordnyc blog since it is mostly political stuff anyway. It was so fun to read about your amazing night at the theatre. I'm anxious to see the fabulous Halloween costumes and photos of the house.

You're a great writer Sara.

Derek said...

You all are hilarious...I can picture the whole thing in my head perfectly. Erica and I are looking forward to seeing him in December. I can only hope we have half as much fun :-)

Natalee said...

I feel like I was there. Too funny.