The Santa Threat

I just want to start out by saying that I'm not a huge fan of the Santa story. Mostly because it feels like I'm lying to my kids... which is not something I'm comfortable with.

But today, I sank to a new low. I've pulled the Santa threat out in years past... you know, your kid is freaking out about something and it's December and you utter those words, "Boy. I really hope SANTA ISN'T WATCHING RIGHT NOW." Amazing how easily it can transform a meltdown into a sunny, happy child.

Today S really messed up. She was mad at me, because I only let the kids play for 30 minutes in the FREEZING COLD after school. I am such a mean mom. Little Oz was practically a popsicle and I couldn't feel my toes, and it was time to leave. She pitched a fit worthy of a 2 year old (and the kid will be 8 in April) and then, when we were leaving, she THREW A ROCK into a group of us. Luckily it didn't hit anyone, but I was so mad, I couldn't talk to her for an hour. And when I did talk, guess what I said? "I think I'm going to write a letter of my own to Santa, and tell him what happened after school today." You should have seen the terror in her eyes. Apparently, she still believes. She is going to be so let down when she finds out that reindeer don't really fly.


liz said...

I feel the same way about the Santa lie. I swore just last week I would never be the mom who says 'you won't get any presents unless...' cos duh they will always get the presents.

But guess what flew out of my mouth this afternoon...."I guess I will have to give Santa a call (our Santa is more hi-tech and has a phone you see)..."

And of course, it worked like a sneaky little charm.

Janice said...

I think most moms have been there, me included. Recently, I pulled out the "You better do what I say or you'll go to bed without dinner." I don't have the spine to actually do it so I was glad everyone complied.

carrie said...

oh my gosh. this story absolutely cracked me up.

Are your kids feeling better?

sara said...

i bet santa has email, too! good thinking liz. i'm using and abusing that one as well.

janice, my kids would be thrilled to be sent to bed without dinner. they seem to hate eating. does this say something about my cooking? the only way i can get them to eat dinner is to promise dessert.

they are finally feeling better, although this morning c grabbed his ear in pain. i've got to take the baby in this afternoon to get his lungs checked, so i'm betting they find c has an ear infection as well. more antibiotics... sigh

Yah Yah said...

Wait, what is everyone talking about "the santa story"???

What do you mean S will be sad that reindeer can't fly???

I've got to go, I'm calling mom. I think someone just popped my balloon.

Emily said...

My husband and I have had several discussions about the Santa issue and deceiving the kid. We sprung it on grandma and it was like WWWIII. Just look at Miracle on 34th..the issue runs deep! What do you do on Christmas Am w/ all the cousins at grandma's house when you don't teach your kid about Santa?

ari said...

We were over at a friend's house recently who told our 4 yr old that 'Santa Claus is a fictional character loosely based on late 19th century German Christmas traditions, but more closely resembling Coca-cola advertising from the early 20th century.'

I was dumbstruck.

Nola looked skeptical and shook her head. 'Santa Claus isn't a fictional character. He came to my class at school and gave me a candy cane,' she said.

By the time my parents told us Santa was pretend, we'd figured it out. We felt very clever and were not disappointed. My sister and I, who are 13 months apart, colluded to disabuse our younger siblings of any belief in Santa.

I imagine if next year we told Nola that Santa is fiction she'd tell us she already knew. And then she'd joyously proclaim the news to her little sister. I love siblings!