Holiday Fun

I should be working right now.

Or Christmas shopping.
Or exercising.
Or showering.
Or cleaning.
Or wrapping gifts.
Or reconciling the credit card.
Or grocery shopping.
Or blogging about something meaningful.
Or doing laundry.
Or making lunch.

But I'm not. Instead, I'm doing this.


TippettsFam said...

hahaha!!! love it!! i've seen this floating around on blogs lately - i may have to give it a go..... :D

sara said...

such a great waste of time!

Christina said...

That is hilarious. The funny thing is another friend of mine sent me hers today. I might have to make one too! Why does Dave look like a woman? :)

carrie said...

Dave said the same thing. He asked "um, do I have breasts?"

Amanda said...

This was me three days ago! My boys thought it was so funny I'll admit I made more than one.

Dave IS looking a little curvy