The 7 year old who lives at my house

S has always been a very entertaining person, but lately she’s delighting me more than normal. For example, check out the items above. This is what she purchased for us at her “Christmas boutique” at school. I got the fake roses, and C got the puffy dreidel keychain. She did pretty well with the baby toy. On the day of the boutique, as I sent her off with money, she asked if it would be okay if she picked up “a little something for myself.” So cute.

Some other gems she’s said lately...

On Zandros, the kid who drives her crazy at school: “Sometimes in my head I call him ZanGROSS.”

At Bed, Bath and Beyond, when she found a paint your own dreidel, she yelled across the store: “Mom! I know it’s not our religion, but can I get this?!!!”

On the man who drives her bus (who happens to be African American): “We don’t need to give him anything for Christmas. He goes with Kwanzaa.”


carrie said...

love the dreidel key chain.

she really is a joy. are you guys here yet?

I just realized i don't have gifts for your kids. or rand's kids. crap. we will have to talk when you get here.

Mom Lewis said...

I think my favorite comment S made when she had wanted a baby sister upon finding out she would be getting a baby brother instead. She said, "I changed my mind for a boy!" And does she ever LOVE her baby Oz.

em said...

Tell Scout that sometimes in my head I call her ¨S COOL^ because she is so cool. Tell her I second her on the Kwanza remark. I will have to remember that there are some in my office I´ll have to get gifts too, but it definitely lightened my Christmas load!