A new chair for Oz

I too have been MIA of late. We've all been sick (some of us a couple of times), Trav is in Asia, and Christmas is coming. I've been totally in a panic getting everything shipped out. But I just got this new chair for the baby and had to post about it.

I AM IN LOVE. I don't understand why all baby stuff can't be more like this chair. It is simple, well-designed, and even the packaging was cool. AND I got it from Target for 50 bucks! You can't beat it. I just fed Oz a yogurt in it, and he was so happy. He loved being right there, at the table with C and I. I highly recommend it. Plus it is light and can go totally flat, so if you eat out a lot you could bring it for your baby/toddler. My plan is to use it at home and avoid restaurants until the kid is four.


Amanda said...

Oh man! This thing looks awesome! I wish that I had had two of these instead of two enormous high chairs

carrie said...

I can't wait to see Oz. I hope he is as fat as ever.

mom said...

I too am anxiously awaiting the New Yorkers visit to Colorado for the holidays.