These are a few of....

I saw this great commercial last night while indulging in Sunday night TV. Addison from Grey's Anatomy was in a loaded red Cadillac talking about her....favorite things. Also, Oprah in her magazine each month, lists her favorite things (though I think these may be influenced by advertising)

So I was thinking, what are some of my favorite things...
- Driving to work w/out hitting one red light
- when the CU students LEAVE for the summer and Christmas vacation (or even the day)
- when M says "extraordinary fella"
- when S says anything
- watching C walk one inch behind his mother when she goes anywhere
- massaging my dad and chatting
- baking
- Veronica Mars, Brothers and Sisters, My So Called Life, Felicity
- reading on the Stairmaster
- running on a hot day
- chocolate chip ANYTHING
- Hawaii with my family
- S's(the Colo one) wardrobe
- listening to Leslie my sister-in-law sing
- sitting around with Sara, Carrie, and mom AFTER the kids are in bed just chatting
- listening to any story that Sara and Carrie tell
- being with any and all of my nieces and nephews
- going to a good chick flick
- electricity
- my condo
- Boulder, Colorado
- the desserts at a potluck
- a cookie exchange (I NEVER get to go to these things)
- Christmas lights

Just a few


Tania said...

You should come here for Christmas, I would TOTALLY invite you to my annual cookie exchange!

carrie said...

some of my favorites:

-attending a laura dinner party and sampling all the fabulous food
-opening a gift from laura. you always come through with a fantastic (and over the top) surprise
-telling you a story. no one gives a better reaction
-and, i love the show the bachelor, unconditionally and forever. GO DEANNA!

Yah Yah said...

Carrie: Thanks for the shout outs

Tania: I am THERE. Can I stay in the attic????

Missy said...

I've never known anyone else who likes Brothers and Sisters...its one of my favorites too!