So cute (but sad)

Dave and Carrie just left today after a long weekend in New York. We had such a great time... we were ALL sad to see them go. I have a post or two up my sleeve about their visit, but this is a quick one. C has been plagued with bad dreams lately. Tonight as I was putting him to bed, he grabbed his blankie and said, "If I sleep with my kiki I won't have any bad dreams." Then he told me he had the "worstest bad dream" last night. I asked him what it was about, and he started sobbing. He said it was too bad to talk about, and finally I got him to tell me. In his dream, Dave had decided he didn't want to be C's friend any more. He was crying so hard he could barely talk.

It would be hard to say exactly when C's love for Dave became cemented. Could it have been:
-baseball in the park
-2 hours of Poke battles
-the Webkinz challenge
-his never-ending supply of Kit Kats
-riding on Dave's shoulders
-reading the dragon book together
-being chased by Dave all through the house with a spray bottle
-watching Dave take the oven COMPLETELY apart and put it back together, in order to fix the annoying noise it was making
-the fort they made out of Oz's crib and a few blankets
-the Primary Program (and Dave's roll in getting C to do his part)

All this in only 2.5 days. Where does Dave get the energy to be so cool? Oh yeah. Diet Pepsi.


Dave said...

Thank you so much for having us. I am sure I made a bigger mess of your house than you kids ever have.

I had so much fun playing with S, C, and Oz.

Yah Yah said...

I told Dave that the press release regarding his success in securring the favorite aunt/uncle spot was expected out tomorrow. I also heard that Jonah and JP had already retained Big John P. to draft the formal "uncle" legal adoption papers.

Too bad we all don't have an Uncle Dave especially when it comes to kit kats. His neice (Chris's daughter) when she saw candy at our office exclaimed "candy, church, Uncle Dave!!!"

carrie said...

The love affair is mutual. Dave made a point of telling me how special he thinks your kids are. And they are. I love them so much.

Remember the good old days when I was the favorite? Now the first thing the kids say to me when they see me is "where is dave?"

Dave said C was cute. During the "baseball practice" Dave pulled out several Kit Kats to share with C. C kept saying "this is the perfect snack - one stick for you, and one for me."

Love it.

carrie said...

don't forget dave introduced c to magic shell