Life's Lessons

Yesterday after a fabulous Halloween Party for the KBVN employee's kids (somehow I ended up planning/executing when it wasn't even my idea) I cruised home to feed dad, treat the trickers and watch "Elizabeth" on the big screen.

Is it just me or have kids forgotten how to say trick-or-treat? Of the 15 or so door-knockers 70% of them just looked at me with expectant gazes. Except of the course the little girl and her brother, ages 5 and 3, who with big eyes queried "do you have anything without peanuts"? Holding my bowl of snickers I panicked and said "hold on a minute". I sashayed to the kitchen and started to forage through our candy cupboard at 655 Emporia in desperation for something w/out peanuts. All I saw was a tiger's milk bar, a Luna bar, one cert, 3 breathsavers, a couple of sesame treats, opened packs of gum and balloons. My mind raced to other alternatives, would they accept an easy mac 'n cheese, or maybe fruit snacks? Were frozen girl scout cookies from 2 years ago not an option? What about the caramels from England that mom had in the freezer dated 8/1982?

Suddenly I looked up one shelf and found a small (very worn) package of skittles, a $100,000 bar (left from Sara's visit in August) and two mini Reeses. Afraid I was taking too long I sprinted back to the door and said "here, I found these. Can you have peanut butter"? Their dad vetoed the Reeses but said the Skittles and $bar were fine. Luckily the kids smiled and seemed okay.

Lesson 1: always buy the variety pack of candy

At 8pm we turned off the porch light and descended to watch Elizabeth. Dad and I had read several Phillippa Gregory books about English Monarchs and had looked forward to this movie for a couple of weeks. Suddenly there was a very LARGE and graphic scene of Lord Norfolk and his chambermaid. Yep, right there on the BIG SCREEN in HIGH DEFINITION. Let's just say I was a little embarrassed. I hadn't even thought to look at the rating.
Lesson 2: English History is apparently R Rated.


carrie said...

That's funny. I can just picture all that random stuff in mom's cupoard.

I'll have to agree the kids have forgotten to say trick or treat. Although, about 85% of the said "thank you" and wished me a "happy halloween." How cute is that? Nothing better than a little 3 year old, dressed as a gruesome doctor saying "happy halloween" on his way down my steps.


Chris said...

Thanks for all the work on the Halloween party! The kids had a great time and I think the adults had even more fun watching the little ones.

At least you got trick or treaters. Kacey was so disappointed with the number of kids that showed up last night she was on the computer last night looking for homes where there would be more kids.

sara said...

couldn't you have put some protein powder in ziplock bags for the trick or treaters? i'm sure a left a load of it in the candy cupboard.

or-in a pinch- a package of ramen noodles can always bring a smile to a young trick or treater!

this was hilarious. keep up the posting, baby!